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Ekran System Gets Two Prestigious Awards From FinancesOnline


Ekran System is appreciated by our customers and recognized by industry experts as one of the best insider threat prevention platforms. And we’re proud to announce that FinancesOnline, a reputed B2B software review platform, has honored Ekran System with two prestigious awards ― Premium Usability and the Rising Star of the year 2018.

Top benefits of Ekran System according to FinancesOnline

In its Ekran System overview, FinancesOnline emphasized some of the most important benefits of our platform.

Unintrusive activity monitoring

Activity monitoring is among the top benefits of our platform. FinancesOnline experts emphasize the way Ekran System guarantees “continuous and smooth workflows.” Unlike other employee monitoring solutions, Ekran System doesn’t cause any unnecessary interceptions to legitimate processes while running “smoothly in the background.”

The team of reviewers from FinancesOnline also ranked us in their 20 employee monitoring software after they recognized the benefits of recording all gathered data in the format of per-session video indexed with different types of metadata, including file names, application names, or captured keystrokes.

Rich set of tools and features

They also pointed at the “robust collection of tools” and features that our platform provides for monitoring and analyzing user activity. Indeed, with the help of Ekran System, you can “be very proactive” in responding to the detected threats: you can set custom alerts and receive real-time notifications, access live sessions, terminate or block particular users when necessary.

Here’s what Ekran System is the best for

FinancesOnline names Ekran System the best solution to accomplishing three major tasks:

We’ve reached the top-20 in the Employee Monitoring list

Ekran System was ranked in the FinancesOnline employee monitoring software research list, with an overall 8.0 review score and the level of user satisfaction as high as 94%.

Ekran System Awards FinancesOnline

We’re truly delighted to receive such a high score and will continue our journey towards becoming the best employee monitoring and insider threat protection platform in the world.

Where can I find a full review?

You can learn more about the top benefits and most helpful features of Ekran System from a detailed expert review published on the FinancesOnline website. The review also contains a comparison of the Ekran System platform and the other popular employee monitoring solutions.

Want to see Ekran System in action? Get a free trial version of Ekran System and see all of our advantages for yourself.



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