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Ekran System Changes Name to Syteca 


Ekran System Inc. is excited to announce we are changing our name to Syteca. After more than a decade of continuous development and growth, we’ve determined that now is the time to expand our product offering and refresh its perception.

In October 2024, we will mark the transformation from Ekran System to Syteca by rolling out significant enhancements to our core platform. That same month, we will be migrating our website from over to

The Syteca renaming initiative represents a major milestone in our commitment to providing advanced technological solutions for securing your valuable data. Syteca will be building upon Ekran System’s legacy as an innovator in the field of insider risk management. With its expanded cybersecurity capabilities, the new Syteca platform meets the high standards of our customers and overcomes the challenges posed by today’s ever-changing threat landscape in a more adaptable way. 

The masterminds behind our platform are staying the same, and they will continue to work hard to offer you an even better user experience and wider range of functionality. Our commitment to our customers and partners also remains our highest priority, and we will continue to update you about all upcoming changes.

“Shifting from Ekran System to Syteca is more than just a name change. The people and processes within our company that customers have come to rely on remain the same, while our new name encapsulates the fortified cybersecurity approach we are known and praised for.”

Oleg Shomonko, CEO of Ekran System.

Why Syteca?

The name “Syteca” embodies a powerful fusion of heritage and innovation. The next generation of our platform stands on these three pillars:

  • System: Syteca’s new comprehensive security platform is built upon the firm foundation laid by Ekran System.
  • Technology: we are committed to developing leading-edge technological solutions that continually enhance your user activity monitoring, privileged access management, and incident response capabilities.
  • Access: our focus is on securing access to your critical systems and data by protecting your organization from the inside out.

Syteca provides you with the power of the past and the promise of the future, all within one single platform.

With Syteca, we become more but we are still the same reliable partner that Ekran System has been for you since 2013.

For more detailed information, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected].



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