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Ekran System to Participate in StrategyDays IT Security 2023


Ekran System is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming StrategyDays IT Security 2023 event which will take place September 18–19, 2023 in Bergisch, Germany.

Visit the conference to gain actionable security recommendations and invaluable insights on insider risk management strategies from numerous security experts. StrategyDays IT Security gives you a chance to engage in meaningful conversations with executives of renowned companies and competent IT security consultants to find answers to acute questions about security and insider risks.

What to expect from the conference

The conference provides a platform for exchanging the best security practices and developing meaningful connections between attendees. 

Companies are still not well-equipped against cybercrime. When does security start? How can you effectively protect yourself against cybercrime? And how must and can employees’ awareness of handling data be sharpened?

Answers to this are given to you at the StrategyDays IT Security where CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, IT divisional managers, and IT buyers exchange secure IT strategies and show recommendations for action.


During the StrategyDays IT Security event, you’ll get the chance to meet and talk to Ekran System’s Head of Business Development, Yevhen Zhurer. He will gladly answer all your questions about our full-cycle insider risk management platform and inform you about how it can enhance your security posture.

About Ekran System

Ekran System is a full-cycle insider risk management platform that helps companies to detect, deter, and disrupt security threats from the inside. It offers numerous benefits to the customers:

  • Full range of insider risk management capabilities in a single platform
  • A lightweight software agent and highly optimized formats for storing data
  • AI-enabled detection of compromised accounts
  • Seamless deployment, integration, and maintenance
  • Data anonymization for users’ personal data protection

To help you effectively manage and minimize insider risks, Ekran System provides you with a rich set of capabilities:

Many organizations all across the globe like Panasonic, Accenture, Deloitte, and Samsung have already integrated Ekran System to boost their protection against insider risks. In addition, Ekran System was acknowledged by world-leading cybersecurity experts.

Come join us!

We look forward to meeting you at StrategyDays IT Security 2023! Don’t hesitate to come by our demo booth and ask our expert any questions you have regarding insider risk management and the Ekran System platform.

To stay ahead of all trends in insider risk management, follow our blog.



See how Ekran System can enhance your data protection from insider risks.