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Ekran System Partners with Hideez to Introduce Enhanced Authentication Functionality


Ekran System is partnering with Hideez to enhance the authentication process and improve user experience. As an alternative to two-factor authentication, our customers can now use a straightforward passwordless authentication method developed by Hideez.

Thanks to this integration, you can streamline and consolidate logins for local desktops, remote desktop connections, virtual environments, and cloud infrastructures, while boosting your team’s efficiency and satisfaction.

About Hideez

Headquartered in Dover, Delaware, Hideez Group Inc. is a cybersecurity company specializing in unified passwordless authentication solutions. In 2023, Hideez became a Microsoft-compatible FIDO2 security key vendor.

Hideez’s authentication solutions ensure the highest level of user account security and help eliminate the human factor within your IT infrastructure. The company uses passwordless technology based on FIDO2 and U2F authentication standards. Hideez allows for a variety of authentication methods, such as mobile apps, hardware security keys, passkeys, and platform authenticators.

Passwordless authentication, by its nature, eliminates the problem of using weak passwords. It also offers benefits to users and organizations. For users, it removes the need to remember or type passwords, leading to better user experience and customer experience. For organizations, there’s no longer a need to store passwords, leading to better security, fewer breaches and lower support costs.


Hideez solutions have FIDO certification and Citrix-Ready status. They support numerous use cases, including workstation and network logon, remote access, and cloud access. As such, Hideez products seamlessly integrate with on-premise Active Directory and Azure AD systems.

About Ekran System

Ekran System is a full-cycle insider risk management platform for minimizing risks arising from within your organization. Ekran System enables you to:

The benefits of the partnership

The collaboration between Ekran System and Hideez can help you manage insider risks while ensuring enhanced protection against phishing, pharming, and other password-related attacks. 

Since passwords can be stolen or cracked, we provide the opportunity to leverage more secure passwordless sign-in methods, including the following MFA options:

  • FIDO tokens — Use your existing passwordless methods or get the Hideez Key.
  • Smartphones — Enable passwordless biometric MFA logins through the user’s mobile device.
  • QR codes — Provide your employees with swift and secure access by enabling them to scan a QR code.

The major advantage of these methods is that they reduce the human factor during the identification and authentication process, thus creating a much smaller attack surface for cybercriminals. 

Key benefits of Ekran System and Hideez integration

Partner with us

At Ekran System, we thrive on collaboration and aim to provide our customers with effective cybersecurity solutions. To enhance your product with Ekran System’s functionality, please refer to our partnership program.

For insights into insider risks, cybersecurity trends, and industry updates, follow our blog.



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