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Problems of Outsourcing IT


Outsourcing IT functions might seem to be cost effective and logical. However, there are problems that could contradict the benefits. An enterprise needs to control the work of an outsourced IT company’s employees to prevent loss of data, loss of production and work, plus employee relationships. An outsourced IT team does not have the same “buy-in” as does an in-house IT department.


Control the work of an outsourced IT department to contain costs, time factors, familiarity with systems and networks, liability, continuity, and control.




There are real costs involved with outsourcing IT that may be hidden. One example, when you schedule an appointment with your outsourced IT team, you are going to be charged for drive time. What happens if the IT outsourced engineer does not know how to fix your issues? The engineer will “learn on the job.” And you will be charged.


Familiarity with Systems and Networks


An outsourced IT department can learn your systems, but there will always be ramp-up time, permissions to consider and change as well as a lack of documentation that can develop into serious issues.




If you are a financial or health institution, bringing in an outsourced IT team can also bring in risks. Security measures may need to be implemented to protect company data, employees, and the system. Everything quickly becomes a liability. Administrative passwords need to be protected. You have to decide what type of permissions you will give an outsourced IT department to carry on the work they have been assigned.




When your IT is outsourced, you will constantly need to retrain people in regards to security protocols. Passwords and permissions will need to be constantly changed. You will deal with a fluctuating IT schedule that you have little or no control over. When different IT engineers step in to help you with your IT issues, there will be different setups that are completed without regard to in-house protocols.




It is almost impossible to control an external company. You can do background checks, set up monitors and have security documents signed. You have now added more layers and pieces which means you are losing more control over how your company’s IT department behaves and performs.


Be very careful of outsourcing your technology work. It may be cost effective to use outsourcing if it involves a technology you do not know. You will always need to manage the interactions, clear up misunderstandings, and avoid personnel issues with the outsourced IT team. If you want to outsource your IT, consider these tips.


  • Outsource when it saves money. Then make sure you can monitor your outsourced IT department. Talk with them daily.
  • If you do not have enough time to take care of an IT issue, then it is best to go to an expert outsource.
  • Outsource your IT department when it provides a better value than what you already have. Set up monitoring protocols, however. You will need to make sure your IT issues are being taken care of appropriately.


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