Several of the Most Common Ways to Breach Data Security


For the last several years, there have been headlines about data breaches that are devastating consumer and corporations. The IRS, Target, state medical systems, higher education, and military data bases. Nation state spies are intent on stealing vital information, plus pranksters and hackers are looking for attention or cyber criminals are out to make millions. There, there are plenty of people trying to break into networks and databases and steal information.


Data hackers’ motivations are diverse. Hackers are looking to make money and go after the low hanging fruit or the insecure systems in a company. Organized crime is more willing to spend the time going after better-protected systems in hopes of getting even more money.


There are those who are targeting a specific individual or organization to sell trade secrets or identities. Some hackers are just out to prove that “they can do it.” These breaches could have been stopped by implementing high-security controls, changing passwords and swapping authentication patterns.


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How to Breach Security


Hacking is the biggest cause of data breaches. Hackers find the vulnerability in the network protocol or system and tunnel through. Weak credential let these hackers into your system. All a hacker needs to do is guess a password or travel from other sites onto a target system.


Changing passwords and using multifactor authentication could have prevented many hacker data breaches.


Back doors and application vulnerabilities are a great way that savvy data thieves can gain information. Verizon states that over 40% of their data breaches came from stolen credentials and brute force methods.


Using back doors is a secret way to get access to a computer.  Once a computer attacker breaks into a computer system, they want to keep the system open and available. They use a back door to launch additional attacks deeper into the network. Most attackers break into computers to gather intelligence. They will monitor keystrokes via built-in cameras they have taken over and infiltrate data from the employee or target. This requires establishing a back door. Computer attackers also leave software running on the system to perform intelligence gathering.


SQL injections is also a tactic used by hackers. SQL is simply imputing commands into fields that are meant for other information like usernames. If your website has been developed well, the site will examine data submitted by a user to ensure that the information is valid. Common symbols, letters and numbers should make up a user’s name. If there are symbols like “or ‘, you can be assured that SQL terms have been injected into your computer.


Current or past employees are often a major cause of data breaches.  To prevent this type of hacking, change codes, passwords, and use encryption.


One of the easiest ways to break into a database is by attacking defaults. Every piece of hardware and network application comes with default credentials. This is usually a username and password that grants access to the system. The most common way of gaining access to a system and stealing databases is by exploiting the fact that admins often do not change the defaults.


You best prevention against attackers and hackers is to be aware of your system, keep up protocols, and change passwords often.


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