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April 20, 2022

With 1,862 instances of data compromise, 2021 broke all records for the past seven years — in other words, since the Identity Theft Resource Center. This is almost 70% more instances than were reported in 2020.


In this article, you’ll find out about the ten most important data security practices that apply across all of the largest industries. These IT security best practices are also recommended by data security laws and regulations. Read how to effectively implement data security best practices with Ekran System.


Data threats and...
April 13, 2022

Employees know all the ins and outs of a company’s infrastructure and cybersecurity tools. That’s why we witness hundreds of malicious and inadvertent insider attacks every month that lead to data breaches and harm companies. Such attacks often result in financial and reputational losses and may even ruin a business.


In this article, we discuss the reasons for and consequences of five significant data breaches caused by insiders. These real-life examples of cyber attacks show how Ekran System can protect your company from similar threats. 


April 06, 2022

Is your sensitive data secure?


It’s no exaggeration: any company can fall victim to cyber crime. Reports of cyber attacks come from government organizations, educational and healthcare institutions, banks, law firms, nonprofits, and many other entities. 


Hackers, insider threats, ransomware, and other dangers are out there. 

Attackers are constantly finding new ways to reach sensitive data, so threat detection has become more challenging. What’s more, with the recent trend of remote work and the granting of...

March 23, 2022

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) is no longer just another fancy blockchain-related term used to influence the public’s and investors’ opinions. This concept thrives in many fields, turning our attention to the problems of data, system, and operational security.


In this article, we discuss the FUD meaning in cybersecurity and how this concept works. We also overview ways you can use cybersecurity FUD to gain valuable insights for protecting your organization against today’s cyber threats.


Changing the perspective on FUD...
March 17, 2022

When faced with a real-life cybersecurity threat, few organizations know what steps to take first in order to handle the incident and minimize its impact on the business. Having a well-thought-through cybersecurity incident response plan (IRP) in place is the only way to get yourself fully prepared for dealing with this kind of situation.


In this article, we tell you in detail how you can build an IRP that perfectly fits the needs of your business using the NIST framework for incident response.


Incident response plan: what it is, why you need one...