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June 12, 2018

While organizations are spending a good deal of money protecting against unauthorized access from the outside, various industry analyses have revealed that malicious insiders may pose no less harm to organizations.

Edward Snowden is probably the most famous example of a malicious insider, but disgruntled employees can appear in any organization. According to a recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, companies all over the world bore nearly $9 million in losses as the result of insider threats in 2017.


Organizations that become victims of...

May 17, 2018

An appropriate level of privileged account control and management plays a significant role in ensuring your organization’s cybersecurity. Verizon reports that in 2017, privilege misuse was behind 12% of all security breaches.

And according to Gartner, by 2020, the lack of Privileged Account Management (PAM) processes will be the cause of more than half of all security failures associated with IaaS and PaaS services.


Monitoring and managing accounts with privileged access is one of the main requirements of leading compliance standards such as HIPAA and...

April 23, 2018

Shadow IT is one of the most common problems companies face today. With the increasing number of people bringing their devices to work and the constant appearance of new software solutions and cloud services, employees are using more and more technologies without notifying the corporate IT team about them. And usually, they don’t even realize how dangerous their actions are.

What is shadow IT?


First, let’s clarify what shadow IT is. Generally speaking, shadow IT refers to any IT system, solution, or technology that’s used within an organization...

April 06, 2018

According to the 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report published by Verizon, 95% of all data breaches involve stolen credentials and malicious insiders. In order to withstand these insidious threats, enterprises need efficient new solutions.

User and entity* behavior analytics (UEBA) offers a new approach by focusing on user activities and prioritized alerts.


This approach can detect potentially malicious activities within millions of daily user actions. Gartner predicts that in 2018, nearly 25 percent of disclosed data breaches at...

June 06, 2016

Last year saw a rise in cybercrime across the board, and this year so far, appears to display the same trends. With handsome prices being paid for credit card data on black markets worldwide, criminals doubled their efforts in stealing it. While banking institutions are on top of things and seem to be well armed to fend off both intruders and malicious insiders, service industry with its poor state of security looks like an easy target.


Hospitality industry especially received a huge blow last year, with all the major franchises compromised in one...