About Ekran System®


Ekran System Inc. is a recognized cybersecurity software vendor delivering a full-cycle insider risk management platform. Ekran System® is designed to deter, detect, and disrupt insider threats.


Established in 2013 by a group of passionate digital security experts, Ekran System has grown into an international company with headquarters in Newport Beach, California, offices in Europe, and partners all over the world.


Our mission is to provide our customers with efficient and easy-to-use software to address all their insider risk management needs and meet their compliance requirements.


About Us


Recognized by cybersecurity experts

The Ekran System team’s expertise and professionalism has been recognized by leading cybersecurity experts.




Ekran System has gained industry recognition as a credible partner and a provider of secure, high-quality services.


VMware Horizon Azure Partner ISO 27001 Certified ISO 9001 Certified


Raising cybersecurity awareness worldwide

Having powerful and highly customizable tools at your disposal isn’t a silver bullet against cybersecurity threats. It’s also important to raise public awareness of today’s digital challenges and ways to address them. Recognizing this need, the Ekran System team shares its knowledge and insights with people all over the world.


We join in the conversation during industry events in Europe and North America:

OpRisk summit ReThink! IT Security
Banking Operational Risk Management Summit Rethink! IT Security 2022
Canadian Cyber Security Vendor & Third Party Risk USA
Canadian Cyber Security Event 7th Annual Vendor & Third Party Risk


Addressing industry-specific needs

Ekran System is proud to assist leading companies from some of the most cybersecurity-challenged industries.



Customers who choose us

Our platform provides customers with the power of granular access control, informative monitoring, real-time response capabilities, and thorough auditing needed to secure their valuable data. That’s why Ekran System has become the ultimate choice for many world-famous companies and small businesses, including Fortune 500 companies.




You can learn more about the ways we have assisted some of these organizations in addressing their cybersecurity needs in our case studies.


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Our customers appreciate the Ekran System team’s dedication as well as the extent of cybersecurity tasks our platform enables them to address.