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Full-Cycle Insider Risk Management for the Government Sector

Protect sensitive government data, comply with industry requirements, and effectively mitigate insider threats with a robust risk management platform. 

The challenge

Cybercriminals are persistent in their attempts to appropriate personal information, financial and military data, and other critical assets. As a result, state and local governments face daunting challenges:

Protect critical government data from leaks and breaches

Detect insider threats and efficiently mitigate security incidents 

Comply with security and data privacy requirements 

Get up-to-date analytics to evaluate potential cybersecurity risks

Watch over third-party vendors’ and remote employees’ activity

Gather enough evidence for effective incident investigation

Ekran System helps government entities to

Protect sensitive

Control access to infrastructure by employees and partners and get visibility into how they process data.

Address insider

Continuously analyze your employees’ and partners’ behavior, and automatically respond to suspicious actions. 

Meet compliance requirements

Facilitate compliance with NIST SP 800-53, FISMA, and other data protection standards, laws, and regulations.

Improve network

Closely watch your organization’s attack surface by monitoring and logging activity across various endpoints. 

Сomprehensive insider threat management for government institutions

Public administration

Defense agencies

Federal agencies

Government-funded organizations

Establish a secure way for remote employees to access your infrastructure and take control over who can access your critical systems.

Closely monitor your organization’s attack surface and react to incidents promptly to minimize damage. 

Constantly monitor user activity and analyze how your employees and contractors process data to detect and deter malicious actors before it’s too late.

A step-by-step guide to building an insider threat program for government institutions

Insider Threats in the Government Sector: Consequences, Major Challenges, and Mitigation Steps

Download the white paper to gain a deeper understanding of insider threat management in governmental institutions and learn best practices for effective prevention.

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How state and local governments can take control of insider threats with Ekran System

Know how your employees and partners handle your organization’s sensitive assets. With Ekran System, you can monitor user activity in real time and record it in a video format along with insightful metadata such as visited websites, opened applications, and connected devices.

Securely authenticate users to ensure that only those who are authorized can access your critical assets. With Ekran System’s multi-factor authentication and secondary authentication features, you can validate user identities and secure the use of shared and default accounts within your network.

Strengthen the cybersecurity of your government entity by ensuring safe cooperation with third-party vendors. Ekran System allows you to verify users connecting to your organization’s endpoints from outside the network, manage access permissions for remote contributors, and improve visibility over their activity.

Keep abreast of suspicious activity within your network and timely address security incidents. Ekran System enables you to receive notifications on suspicious user behavior and security policy violations. You can also configure an automated incident response for various scenarios to immediately respond to potential threats.

Accurately analyze data to improve insider risk management in your government organization. Ekran System’s numerous reports and Microsoft Power BI integration provide you with the necessary information to examine the current insider threat landscape and investigate security incidents.

Safeguard privileged access to critical data assets within your organization. As insider threat management software for government entities, Ekran System allows you to manage users’ privileges and ensure that only users with sufficient privileges have access to sensitive areas of your network.

Protect your employees’ and vendors’ personal information and comply with data privacy requirements. Ekran System can remove personal identifiers from data collected during activity monitoring to ensure your users’ privacy. If an incident happens, security officers can de-anonymize data for investigation purposes.

Get more with enterprise-grade insider threat detection software

Cybercriminals are constantly improving their ways of compromising privileged accounts. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Ekran UEBA module can detect a hacker who has penetrated a corporate system using stolen credentials.

The lightweight agent works silently and isn’t noticeable to users or other programs. Collected data is saved in searchable and highly optimized video, audio, and text file formats for compact log storage and easy reporting.

Ekran System is quick to install and easily integrates with SIEM and ticketing systems. You’ll get a ready-to-use solution right after a coffee break.

Why companies choose Ekran System®

Ekran System continuously monitors various endpoints, including both end-user machines and servers, within any network architecture. Being one of the best user activity monitoring tools for Windows, Ekran System also works for macOS and is a powerful Linux/UNIX session audit tool. It even supports X Window System and all popular virtualization solutions. Ekran System allows agent-based and jump server-based deployments as well as any combination thereof.

Designed for tracking user activity on tens of thousands of endpoints, Ekran System demonstrates exceptional stability and performance. As for maintenance and reliability, the platform provides high availability and multi-tenant deployment, system resource and health monitoring dashboards, and automated maintenance tasks.

The unique licensing offered by Ekran System enables cost-effective deployments of any size, from small pilots to enterprise projects. Floating endpoint licensing enables license reassignment in a couple of clicks. For virtual environments, this process is automated.

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