Software to monitor user sessions

session monitoring

Audit security by reviewing any user session

in detail, whether it be

RDP, Citrix, Linux SSH, Telnet or any other session



Use configurable triggers for real time alerts
on potentially malicious events

and corporate security violations



Explore each video session and use
easy searching for key video fragments.

Obtain access to currently running sessions


Get detailed reports surrounding user activity and
export screenshots or whole video episodes
in a forensic, safe format




fine tune your deployments

  • Use MS SQL database or embedded free Firebird to store monitoring results

  • Protect the security monitoring process from interruptions (more)

  • Target audits with record filtering by application or user account (more)

  • Continue auditing even when server connections are temporarily lost (more)

  • Reveal who worked as admin enabling secondary authentication (more)

  • Monitor and block USB drives that are potentially involved in data leakage (more)