Ekran System is now available on Amazon Web Services! 


AWS provides many internal cybersecurity mechanisms, but they can’t control what your employees do with data. That’s exactly why you need insider risk management software.


After quick and simple deployment on AWS, Ekran System provides you with recordings of all user activity, sends alerts on security events, and allows you to respond to potential threats in minutes.


Full cycle insider threat protection in your AWS environment


Being a full cycle insider risk management platform, Ekran System provides you with a complete set of tools to detect, deter, and disrupt insider activity in your AWS environment.


Our software helps you:


  • Monitor user activity. No matter which AWS service or instance your employees use, Ekran System records their activities in the form of video, metadata (keystrokes, opened files, visited URLs, connected USB devices, etc.), and audio records.
  • Respond to security events. When Ekran System detects suspicious activity, it alerts you and provides options to block the activity or notify the user. You can even configure Ekran to respond automatically.
  • Manage user access. Decide which users can access which AWS instances, and configure their rights in several clicks. You can also manually handle requests for accessing the most sensitive resources and use the built-in password manager to secure credentials.
  • Conduct audits and create reports. With continuous monitoring, it’s easy to collect an audit trail and investigate a security incident. Reporting also becomes more convenient with Ekran System, as our solution can generate numerous reports on suspicious events, user activity, and employee productivity.




Ekran System deployment scheme for AWS

Ekran System deployment scheme for AWS

Why deploy Ekran System in the AWS environment?


Securing your private cloud in AWS is much more efficient with Ekran System. Simple deployment, support for all popular on-premises and cloud platforms, and license reassignment help you control all your infrastructure with one cybersecurity solution and manage this solution fast.


Wide set of supported AWS platforms, including Linux-based


AWS supports numerous operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and many Linux distributions. To establish all-around data security, you’ll need a solution that can monitor all these operating systems. For Ekran System, this isn’t an issue. 


You can deploy Ekran System on an extensive number of platforms, including Amazon Linux 2 — the Linux server OS developed by AWS. Today, Ekran System is the only insider risk management software that works with this platform.

Ekran System deployment scheme for AWS

Flexible AWS deployment with floating licensing


Flexibility is one of the key benefits of using cloud platforms — you can maintain and pay only for the endpoints you need. However, cloud platforms may bring challenges. Creating new licenses or reassigning existing licenses can disrupt work, especially for large organizations with lots of virtual AWS endpoints. 


With Ekran System, you can reassign licenses in several minutes thanks to the floating licensing scheme. You just need to obtain licenses for the number of active endpoints. When any of your endpoints shuts down, Ekran System will return the license to the pool. The software assigns a license to a new endpoint the minute you create it.


Additional benefits of Ekran System


Ekran System is a full cycle insider risk management solution that empowers you with all the necessary tools to detect, deter, and disrupt cybersecurity threats. When deployed in AWS infrastructure, it provides you with a number of benefits:



Cybersecurity compliance. Ekran System helps you implement numerous cybersecurity tools and practices required by NIST SP 800-53, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other security laws, standards, and regulations.



Enterprise-ready. Ekran System is a suitable solution for large-scale enterprises thanks to features for ensuring high availability and disaster recovery, integration with popular SIEM and ticketing systems, centralized endpoint updates, and convenient Ekran System client management with the master panel.



SaaS, on-premises, and hybrid deployment. You can control all types of endpoints in your environment with a single cybersecurity solution. Ekran System’s flexibility allows you to deploy it on a wide range of on-premises, virtual, and cloud endpoints.



Optimized data storage. The more users you monitor, the more activity data you will accumulate. Ekran System uses compression algorithms to use disk space efficiently while storing as much data as possible.



Quick deployment. With no need for complex configurations and infrastructure changes, deploying Ekran System usually takes about 20 minutes.


These advantages make Ekran System the best insider risk management platform for small, midsize, and large businesses that want to secure their activity on AWS.


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