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Employee Keylogger Software

Monitor insider activity. Detect anomalies. Respond to incidents. ALL-IN-ONE

Any recorded data on user activity would be incomplete without keystroke logs. Whether it’s a malicious user conversing with their accomplices via instant messaging, a system administrator writing a malicious script, or simply an employee spending time on personal matters while at work, employee keystroke monitoring coupled with user activity monitoring allows you to investigate all of these incidents and respond to them accordingly.

Ekran System® includes a robust keystroke logger feature that’s deeply integrated with the software’s main monitoring functionality.

Windows keystroke logging software

How exactly does the Ekran System software that records keystrokes work for Windows?

When the keystroke recorder functionality is enabled for Windows PCs and servers, Ekran System will activate keylogger with screen capture to also record video and audio with and metadata, regardless of the application used.

Clipboard monitoring

Our keylogger monitoring software also continuously tracks copy, cut, and paste operations for any Windows computer and can record clipboard content, making it easy to track text data that isn’t entered directly via the keyboard.

Data recorded from the clipboard is coupled with the associated video frames, making it clear what was copied and to where, and allowing you to easily search for relevant associated events. Clipboard content can also serve as a trigger for alerts on potential incidents.

Benefits of employee keystroke monitoring

Using Ekran System as keyboard monitoring software has the following benefits:

  • Universal keystroke logging capability. All keystrokes and clipboard content for both local and remote sessions are recorded, including keystrokes entered in any browser, word processor, or any other application.
  • GDPR-compliant keylogging. Switched on by default, this option ensures that Ekran System clients, while tracking keystrokes, do not show these keystrokes to security officers. All key logs are hidden but still searchable.
  • Password hiding during monitoring. When this option is switched on, all recorded keystrokes except passwords are provided to security officers, thereby preventing this sensitive data from appearing in key logs.
  • Smart logging of edits. All edits to text are automatically detected and the final version of the text is displayed in the main window. You can also view every individual keystroke.
  • Easy to search and analyze. Keystroke logger data is easily searchable, and when coupled with video recordings gives a clear picture of user actions in their proper context.
  • Use keywords to initialize recordings. A specific keyword entered by the user can trigger video recording as well as recording of keystrokes and other metadata.
  • Create alerts on specific keywords. A specific keyword entered by the user can trigger an alert, notifying your security personnel about potentially suspicious events and optionally also applying some incident response action, such as blocking the user or showing a warning message.
  • Keystroke grid report. A summary report can be generated to review all keystrokes entered by specific users on specific endpoints during a specific time frame.

Screenshots of Ekran System keylogger software

RDP session recording and monitoring

Windows RDP monitoring includes:

  • Recording of all RDP sessions including screen video recordings indexed with multilayer metadata
  • Recording of other graphical sessions, regardless of the protocol or application: LogMeIn, Radmin, etc.

While the main use case is to monitor remote desktop sessions, Ekran System Windows session monitoring functionality also provides indexed video for local sessions on Windows servers.

All recorded sessions include searchable metadata with user activity details as well as all typed keystrokes and information about connected devices.
RDP session monitoring allows you to:

  • Get notified in real time whenever an RDP connection is established
  • Monitor all remote connections
  • Record Windows terminal sessions
  • Configure alert notifications
  • Monitor server and endpoint activity in real time
  • Export sessions in encrypted formats
  • Define report parameters

Ekran System is continuous Windows desktop and Windows Server employee monitoring software. Even if the connection to the Ekran System managing server is temporarily lost, the endpoint client continues to record RDP sessions and local sessions, storing remote Windows desktop monitoring results locally and uploading them to the server when the connection is re-established.

How to use keystroke logging software

The functionality of the Ekran System keystroke tracking software can be used in the following ways:

  • As an assessment tool. Ekran System is not just an employee keystroke tracker. It can also assist you in assessing employee performance and help you learn whether employees are spending time productively or are engaged in personal matters.
  • As a preventive measure. Knowing that specialized software records keystrokes can prevent employees from spending work hours on personal matters and from conducting malicious actions.
  • As a detection tool. Keystroke logging is another tool in the toolset provided by Ekran System that allows you to detect malicious and inadvertent insiders and protect your data from insider threats.
  • As an investigative tool. A keystroke log will prove a valuable source of information when investigating past incidents, providing details on communications and other actions conducted by a perpetrator.
  • Use keywords to initialize recordings. A specific keyword entered by the user can trigger video recording as well as recording of keystrokes and other metadata.

More than a simple keylogger program

A simple employee activity keylogger provides only recorded keystrokes without any way to view them within their original context.

Ekran System keystroke tracker software, on the other hand, is an integral part of our user activity monitoring solution. It provides additional metadata to illustrate recorded video as well as an additional means of searching for, and alerting on, suspicious events.

The main benefits of the Ekran System corporate keylogger include:

  • A rich set of features. Ekran System provides a wide range of functionality, including access control, user activity monitoring, alerting, incident response, and centralized reporting.
  • Easy deployment. How to add the employee keylogger to computers? As an agent-based solution, Ekran System provides easy deployment and automatic agent updates.
  • Affordable licensing. Ekran System can be used as a keylogger for your enterprise. Ekran System’s flexible licensing scheme with two types of licenses is designed to make deployments affordable for both large enterprises and small companies.
  • Legal and easy action monitoring. Ekran System does not provide either a hidden keylogger or any way to hide the monitoring process. We offer completely legal security software, focusing on insider threat detection and user activity monitoring.

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