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Identity Management

Manage identities. Control access. Mitigate insider threats. ALL-IN-ONE

What is identity management?

Identity management is the key you need to prevent the wrong people from accessing your critical assets. It’s an essential part of insider threat mitigation, helping to prevent compromised account access, keep employees from “borrowing” passwords from colleagues, and identify the people hiding behind shared and default accounts.

Important tasks of identity and access management (IAM) systems include:

  • Authenticating and authorizing users in a secure yet convenient manner
  • Personalizing shared and default accounts and assigning actions to specific users
  • Controlling access permissions in a granular, time-based, and purpose-based manner
  • Monitoring and auditing the activity of authenticated users
  • Ensuring immediate response to security incidents
  • Meeting compliance requirements and implementing security best practices

Ekran System identity management solutions

Ekran System identity management software addresses an organization’s vital need for reliable validation of users’ identities and the unambiguous attribution of each action to a specific person. Our flexible identity management platform is seamlessly integrated with access control, user activity monitoring, and incident response functionality.

Multi-factor authentication

Mitigate the risk of intrusions with the help of our two-factor authentication (2FA) tool. 2FA serves as an additional confirmation that the person attempting to access your critical assets is who they claim to be.

This feature adds one more level of protection to your critical endpoints and sensitive data by combining two factors:

  • Knowledge (user credentials)
  • Possession (authorized mobile device)

Ekran System applies a proven time-based one-time password scheme as an alternative to costly SMS and physical tokens. Our 2FA tool can be deployed on any Windows and Linux server or workstation under any of our licenses.

Secondary authentication to identify users of shared and built-in accounts

Gain full visibility and transparency over actions performed under generic credentials (root or admin) with the help of Ekran System’s secondary authentication feature.

You can use this tool to:

  • Attribute actions of faceless admins and default OS accounts to individuals
  • Comply with security standards regarding unambiguous user–action attribution
  • Simplify incident investigation by tracking a user’s actions across accounts

Our secondary authentication feature is available for every Ekran System customer under any license.

Privileged access management

Once user identity is verified, the next step is managing access permissions with Ekran System access management capabilities. Secure your critical endpoints and ensure granular access by:

  • Assigning, elevating, terminating, and managing access privileges
  • Granting temporary access permissions by request
  • Auditing privileged user activity
  • Empowering real-time incident response

Ekran System privileged access management (PAM) functionality includes privileged account and session management (PASM), password management, one-time passwords, ticketing system integration, and more.

Ekran System® ensures compliance while delivering smooth user authentication and access

All major regulations and security standards include controls dedicated to proper identity management. Ekran System multi-factor authentication and secondary authentication functionality help you to meet these requirements in full, while comprehensive access management, monitoring, and activity auditing assist with other types of controls.

Ekran System® provides universal identity and access management solutions for today’s hybrid environments

Servers, jump servers, and desktops

Virtual and physical infrastructures

Any network architecture and hybrids

All essential features combined

Supported platforms

Ekran System integrations

Ekran System employee tracking software seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure, including with leading SIEM and ticketing systems.

What our clients say about Ekran System’s insider threat prevention tools

Dennis Fox II

CEO | President at ES Consulting

“What we like the most about the Ekran is how easy it was to get started. The communication with the team is both smooth and efficient. Also, the support received from Ekran System team, both informational and technical, has always been very prompt and helpful.”

Paul Maranzano

Technical Director at National IT Solutions

“We tried quite a few insider threat management solutions before we came to Ekran System. The key factor that led me to Ekran was fast communication from sales to support. I’d highly recommend Ekran System to most colleagues. Within 30 to 40 minutes I had it up and running and it was recording. I was quite impressed by how quick and easy it was. I definitely recommend Ekran System!”

Egzon Sinanaj

Director of Support and Security at PECB

“We have a lot of data to protect. We are also very happy to have an ever-growing number of new customers whose data are processed only by authorized processes and employees. To keep everything in check, we must be able to identify potential internal or external threats in time and act accordingly to prevent any intentional or unintentional errors.”

Denis Gundarev

Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

“Ekran System provides a great solution for customers that need a session recording and activity audits, as well as incident response functionality to detect and prevent insider threats.”

Adrian Cragg

CTO of CNC Ltd

“As a Managed Service Provider we are responsible for our customers’ servers but aren’t the only ones with access and often well intentioned 3rd parties cause disruption with unauthorised changes. Ekran gives us peace of mind that all actions carried out on the server are recorded and we can quickly identify & rectify issues. It’s like having CCTV for your server and in these times of a need for heightened security and auditing this is perfect for the job.”

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Ekran System insider risk management platform

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