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Ekran System SaaS Deployment Model

Manage access. Monitor user activity. Detect insider threats. Respond to incidents. ALL-IN-ONE

Ekran System has come to the cloud. Just like our on-premises version, the Ekran System SaaS platform ensures complete visibility into all user actions.

See how your employees interact with sensitive data, manage access, and prevent insider threats in a more convenient way. Adjust the number of monitored endpoints as you need. Automatic scaling of server resources ensures high reliability and sustainable performance of the entire platform.

With the cloud version of Ekran System, you can forget about effortful maintenance. All you need to do is install the Ekran System agent on target endpoints and log in to the system. We’ll take care of everything else.

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Manage insider threats with Ekran System SaaS

Ekran System’s SaaS deployment option offers organizations a comprehensive set of
functionalities to effectively manage insider risks from anywhere.

Address insider threats with Ekran System

Manage user access to sensitive data

Ekran System can help you protect critical assets from unauthorized access by

  • specifying which endpoints can be accessed by particular users.
  • limiting the time for which access is granted.
  • delivering temporary credentials to specific users.

Monitor user activity

Monitor and record user sessions across all endpoints, including desktops, servers, and virtual machines. The platform provides full visibility into user actions, applications used, files accessed, commands executed, and more.

Detect suspicious activity

Ekran System instantly detects and informs you about unusual access to sensitive data, unauthorized changes, and abnormal activity patterns thanks to real-time alerts and UEBA tools.

Respond to security incidents in real time

The platform provides you with the ability to view live or recorded user sessions and identify the user action(s) that triggered an alert. You can then display a warning message to the user, kill the process, or block the suspicious session either manually or automatically.

Why choose Ekran System SaaS?

While being an effective tool for preventing insider threats, the Ekran System SaaS deployment model may revolutionize the way organizations enhance their security and operational functionality. What is SaaS deployment and what are the main advantages?

The main benefits of Ekran System SaaS deployment

Cost efficiency

Ekran System SaaS deployment process eliminates the need for server/hardware installs. It also offers automatic scaling of server resources depending on the current needs of your organization. The result is a significant reduction in maintenance costs associated with on-premise software.

Effortless maintenance

Ekran System SaaS handles maintenance, updates, security patches, and backups automatically. All your IT team needs to do is install the Ekran System agent on target endpoints and log in to the system. Ekran System will take care of the maintenance part, so your IT team can focus on their core objectives.

Adaptability to your needs

Ekran System SaaS is designed to be flexible and easily scalable to meet the changing requests of your organization. Scale up or down as needed and access new features without IT intervention.

Instant accessibility

Security officers get real-time visibility into user activities and security incidents, regardless of their location. They can respond to insider threats in real time from anywhere in the world, provided there is an internet access.

Security and privacy of your data

All communication between endpoints and servers uses the protocol encrypted by SSL. All connections to our servers are also encrypted by SSL to protect your sensitive data. The monitored data is stored in isolated data centers and secured with double encryption using the industry-standard 256-bit AES algorithm.

SaaS deployment with Ekran System

Deploying Ekran System SaaS is a simple and quick process that doesn’t require you to modify your existing IT infrastructure.

Ekran System SaaS deployment scheme

Other Ekran System deployment options

Ekran System on-premise software

Manage insider activity on-premise

Ekran System deployment on AWS

Secure your AWS environment

Ekran System deployment on Microsoft Azure

Protect your Microsoft Azure environment

Enhance your security posture with Ekran System SaaS deployment.

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