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Citrix Session Monitoring and Recording Solution

Monitor insider activity. Detect anomalies. Respond to incidents. ALL-IN-ONE

With its flexible clients, Ekran System provides effective solutions for tracking Citrix user activity. In addition to Citrix session recording, Ekran System delivers a comprehensive set of identity and access management features, real-time alerting, and incident response tool sets.

Citrix monitoring tool screenshots

Citrix monitoring software functionality overview

Overview of functionality

Citrix XenDesktopCitrix XenApp
InstallationOne client per virtual desktop via an automated license poolOne client per published app server
Session detailsHostname, usernameFull details on remote IP address, hostname, username
Session recordingVideo of user’s screen accompanied by activity details, including keystrokes and connected devicesVideo of user’s screen accompanied by relevant activity details, including keystrokes
Identity verificationTwo-factor authentication
Secondary authentication for shared logins
Two-factor authentication
Secondary authentication for shared logins
Access managementPASM
One-time passwords
Access request and approval workflow
Ticketing system integration
Alerts and notificationsPredefined templates and customizable rules around activity detailsPredefined templates and customizable rules around relevant activity parameters
Session initiation
Incident responseLive session view
User blocking
Session termination
Warning messages
Live session view
User blocking
Session termination
Warning messages

Citrix XenDesktop monitoring and control

Ekran System workstation clients can be installed on any live Citrix XenDesktop and included in system images to be preinstalled on any new virtual desktop.

  • Names of active applications
  • Opened URLs
  • Keystrokes
  • Connected USB devices (virtual and physical)
  • and other details

When a user performs an abnormal or security-critical action, your team will be notified and provided with incident context so they can check what’s going on and respond immediately. For the most critical cases, alerts can be augmented with automated incident response actions, such as blocking the user, killing the application, and/or displaying a warning message.

Citrix XenApp monitoring and control

Ekran System is a well-thought-out solution for Citrix XenApp monitoring. For Citrix server monitoring, its Terminal Server client can be installed directly on a published application server, simultaneously recording all concurrent sessions and providing real-time incident detection and response.

The client can be used for Citrix XenApp session recording selectively, only recording for a range of users or host IP addresses or only recording those sessions outside of a white list. Each session recording includes a video recording of the user’s screen (showing all or only selected activities) indexed with details on activities, such as keystrokes or active window title.

Ekran System’s complex alerting system works not only for virtual desktops but for Citrix XenApp sessions as well. Besides alerting about potentially dangerous actions within a session, the system can notify your security team when a session is being established by specific users or from specific IPs. Critical alerts can trigger automated incident response actions such as terminating a session or blocking a user.

In addition to Citrix environments, Ekran System also supports VMware and physical infrastructures in any hybrid scheme. Watch the video to learn more.

Ekran System Citrix monitoring solution benefits

As a powerful Citrix monitoring tool, Ekran System delivers a unique blend of detailed activity monitoring and auditing, access management, and identity management with its monolithic multi-functional endpoint-based agents empowering your Citrix security program.

More Ekran System benefits

Full desktop and server OS support

Supports a wide range of operating systems and any type of network architecture due to its flexible deployment scheme.

Comprehensive activity control

Delivers detailed multi-level Citrix user activity monitoring with strong access control and critical identity management features.

Low total cost of ownership

Enterprise friendly

Get the most value with multi-platform support

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