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X11 Forwarding Monitoring

Monitor insider activity. Detect anomalies. Respond to incidents. ALL-IN-ONE


Ensuring secure use of SSH sessions with X forwarding

First, let’s discuss how X11 forwarding works. X forwarding is a mechanism that allows a user to securely run a graphical user interface application installed on a remote Linux server.

Common X forwarding use cases


Running applications that can’t be installed locally


Running Linux applications on Windows and macOS


Running applications that can only be installed on
the server for security reasons

SSH X forwarded sessions create the need to secure data and applications on remote servers from both inside and outside attacks. With the help of Ekran System, you can efficiently monitor all X11 forwarded sessions inside your corporate network.

Monitoring X forwarding with Ekran System

Now, let’s observe how to monitor X11 forwarded sessions with the help of Ekran System. By installing an Ekran System Client on a remote Linux server, you can start monitoring all user activity with graphical applications running on the server. Moreover, with multi-session recording, you can always return to a separate record in a particular user session for detailed analysis of a cybersecurity event.

The Ekran System platform empowers you with these core possibilities:

Core possibilities of Ekran System X forwarding monitoring

Access control

Full monitoring

Timely notifications

Full audit trail

Deep event analysis

  • Full monitoring — Monitor and review SSH console sessions and X11 sessions of both regular and privileged users in real time. Keep a close eye on X11 forwarding in Windows and macOS X11 forwarding.
  • Deep event analysis — Easily search for any action taken during X11 forwarded sessions and replay it in a YouTube-like video format. Use Ekran System’s records to thoroughly investigate a cybersecurity event or analyze the productivity of your employees.

Get more than just SSH X forwarding monitoring

Easy compliance with cybersecurity standards

Data protection


Easy, flexible, and fast deployment

Support for different platforms

Get the most value with multi-platform support

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