X11 Forwarding Monitoring


Ekran System is a comprehensive insider risk management platform that enables you to manage all types of launched X forwarded sessions on Linux servers. Our platform provides you with robust monitoring, recording, and report generation capabilities for efficient monitoring and management of SSH sessions with X11 forwarding as well as timely incident response.




Ensuring secure use of SSH sessions with X forwarding


First, let’s discuss how X11 forwarding works. X forwarding is a mechanism that allows a user to securely run a graphical user interface application installed on a remote Linux server.

x forwarding use cases

SSH X forwarded sessions create the need to secure data and applications on remote servers from both inside and outside attacks. With the help of Ekran System, you can efficiently monitor all X11 forwarded sessions inside your corporate network.

Monitoring X forwarding with Ekran System


Now, let’s observe how to monitor X11 forwarded sessions with the help of Ekran System. By installing an Ekran System Client on a remote Linux server, you can start monitoring all user activity with graphical applications running on the server. Moreover, with multi-session recording, you can always return to a separate record in a particular user session for detailed analysis of a cybersecurity event.


The Ekran System platform empowers you with these core possibilities:

Core possibilities of X forwarding monitoring

  • Access control — Fully secure all accesses with our password management and two-factor authentication.

  • Full monitoring — Monitor and review SSH console sessions and X11 sessions of both regular and privileged users in real time. Keep a close eye on X11 forwarding in Windows and macOS X11 forwarding.

  • Timely notifications — React to any suspicious activity detected during an X11 session using custom or default rule-based alerts and smart incident response

  • Full audit trail — Get a detailed data audit of all actions taken on the monitored server. Searchable records are indexed with rich metadata, allowing you to get the full context of any event.

  • Deep event analysis — Easily search for any action taken during X11 forwarded sessions and replay it in a YouTube-like video format. Use Ekran System’s records to thoroughly investigate a cybersecurity event or analyze the productivity of your employees.

Monitoring X11 forwarding with Ekran System

Get more than just SSH X forwarding monitoring


Major user-based risk management controls in one platform.

Easy compliance with cybersecurity standards. Make sure your organization complies with international cybersecurity requirements. Ekran System simplifies your compliance with the requirements of key cybersecurity laws, standards, and regulations around the globe, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST SP 800-53, and the GDPR.



Data protection. Assign and efficiently control granular access to critical assets. Сonfirm the identity of users who access sensitive data or services using Ekran System’s multi-factor authentication and one-time password capabilities.



Enterprise-ready. Easily adjust the Ekran System platform to any type of organization, from small and midsize businesses to large enterprises. Optimize Ekran System’s work for your organization by scheduling automated maintenance tasks, using comprehensive health monitoring dashboards, running centralized endpoint updates, and more.


Easy deployment

Easy, flexible, and fast deployment. Deploy the Ekran System platform in a simple and fast way, with no need for complex configurations or adjustments in your organization’s infrastructure. And with our floating licensing scheme, you can efficiently manage monitored endpoints and re-assign licenses in a couple of clicks.



Support for different platforms. You can manage user sessions and secure sensitive data on the most common platforms including Citrix, Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS, and Microsoft Azure WVD with our comprehensive software. You can also monitor Virtual Desktop and X Window System sessions on a single screen.