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USB Device Management Software

Monitor insider activity. Detect anomalies. Respond to incidents. ALL-IN-ONE

Instead of prohibiting the use of all USB devices, you can granularly control them with USB management software like Ekran System.

When to use USB device management

Establishing granular, properly configured USB device control and monitoring can help your organization secure critical resources from misuse and compromise. In particular, deploying USB management software enables:

Use USB device management when you

Implement a BYOD policy

Build a zero-trust architecture

Work with telecommuters

Need to meet compliance requirements

Ekran System provides you with all capabilities needed to establish strong yet flexible USB device management.

Screenshots of managing USB devices with Ekran System®

How Ekran System’s USB device management works

You can use Ekran System to filter the use of USB devices, both manually and automatically. Our USB device management functionality works on two levels:

  • Automatic monitoring
  • Kernel-level monitoring

Two levels of Ekran System’s USB device management

Automatic monitoring

Monitors all connected USB devices. No additional configurations
are required.

Kernel-level monitoring

Enables you to set rules for USB activity monitoring, permitting, or prohibiting the use of particular USB devices.

  • Block connected USB devices — Specify which devices to block permanently and which can only be accessed after manual admin approval. Show custom pop-up notifications or an access request form to your employees whenever they try to connect a restricted USB device.

Types of USB devices commonly managed by Ekran System

Mass storage devices

Windows portable devices

Wireless connection

Modems and network adapters

Audio devices

Video devices

Human interface devices


Composite devices

Benefits of Ekran System’s USB device monitoring and management

Secure your critical data and systems against cybersecurity threats by leveraging the key benefits of Ekran System’s USB control software:

  • Granular management of USB devices — Create separate USB device-related rules for specific endpoints or groups of endpoints.

Get more than just USB device monitoring

With Ekran System, you get more than just USB activity monitoring software. Our insider risk management platform enables you to effectively deter, detect, and disrupt insider-related security threats and incidents.


USB blocking is a security measure that limits capabilities of USB ports on user devices. This measure allows you to manage USB devices and restrict their use to protect your computers from malware, data theft, and other malicious activity.

Any organization or individual that needs to protect their sensitive data and systems should consider using USB-blocking software. USB-blocking software is especially vital for organizations in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, and the public sector since they store loads of sensitive information.

One way to restrict the use of USB is to deploy USB control software. It allows you to specify which devices are allowed to be connected to computers within your network and which aren’t.

A variety of USB activity monitoring software enables you to monitor USB devices within your network. These platforms can continuously monitor and log USB device connections.

USB control software like Ekran System offers all the necessary tools for comprehensive USB device monitoring. With Ekran System, you can:

  • Monitor connected USB devices
  • Receive notifications on USB connections
  • Block specific USB devices
  • Configure a USB device approval workflow

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