USB Device Management Software


USB devices are irreplaceable in modern offices. Yet when poorly managed, they can become the reason for a cybersecurity incident resulting in data and endpoint compromise.


Instead of prohibiting the use of all USB devices, you can granularly manage them with USB device management software like Ekran System.


Ekran System® delivers continuous monitoring and granular management of USB devices, enabling you to enhance your user activity monitoring and access management efforts. Our platform gives you the power to decide which USB devices to monitor, whitelist, or block depending on their type or even their vendor.



When to use USB device management®


Establishing granular, properly configured USB device control and monitoring can help your organization secure critical resources from misuse and compromise. In particular, deploying USB device management software enables:


when to use USB device management

Ekran System provides you with all capabilities needed to establish strong yet flexible USB device management.



How Ekran System’s USB device management works


You can use Ekran System to filter the use of USB devices, both manually and automatically. Our USB device management functionality works on two levels:


  • Automatic monitoring
  • Kernel-level monitoring

Levels of Ekran System's USB device management

Ekran System’s USB management functionality allows you to:


  • Continuously monitor all connected USB devices — Review and analyze Ekran System’s records of all USB device-related events along with other user activity logs on a monitored endpoint.

  • Block connected USB devices — Specify which devices to block permanently and which can only be accessed after manual admin approval. Show custom pop-up notifications or an access request form to your employees whenever they try to connect a restricted USB device. 

  • Whitelist separate USB devices — Create individual exceptions so that Ekran System won’t monitor and block specific devices on chosen endpoints. 

  • Get notified of suspicious connection attempts — Have your security personnel receive real-time alerts when a user tries to connect a potentially dangerous or restricted USB device. Ekran System can send notifications via email or system tray messages.

USB devices managed by Ekran System





Benefits of Ekran System’s USB device monitoring and management



Secure your critical data and systems against cybersecurity threats by leveraging the key benefits of Ekran System’s USB device control software:


  • Automatic monitoring — There’s no need for extra configurations, as Ekran System automatically monitors all connected USB devices by default.

  • Granular management of USB devices — Create separate USB device-related rules for specific endpoints or groups of endpoints.

  • Support for all types of USB devices — Get full visibility and control over any USB device connected to an endpoint protected by Ekran System.


With Ekran System’s rich user activity monitoring capabilities, you can always see what’s going on on a particular endpoint by reviewing a user session in real time. And to further analyze information gathered by the platform, you can form a report on connected and blocked USB devices.



Get more than just USB device monitoring®



With Ekran System, you get more than just USB device protection software. Our insider risk management platform enables you to effectively deter, detect, and disrupt insider-related security threats and incidents.

Ekran System capabilities

Robust user activity monitoring. Get to see who does what with your sensitive data, critical systems, and servers. Monitor the activity of your employees, both on-site and off-site, as well as third-party contractors.


Detailed session records. Review and analyze the full context of any event. Use Ekran System’s searchable session records to audit your organization’s cybersecurity, assess possible risks, or investigate a security incident.


Fast incident response. Set custom alerts or choose fitting predefined alerts from Ekran System’s library to detect potential cybersecurity threats in a timely manner. Handle security incidents manually or enable automated incident response to block or terminate suspicious users, applications, and processes.


Enterprise-friendly. Configure everything with ease, no matter how many endpoints you need to manage. Intergate Ekran System with popular SIEM and ticketing systems and leverage our platform’s high availability and disaster recovery capabilities to get the most enjoyable cybersecurity experience.


Cybersecurity compliance. Leverage Ekran System’s rich access and identity management capabilities to meet the latest cybersecurity compliance requirements. Secure access to your critical assets with our two-factor authentication, data encryption, and password management functionalities.


Continuous support. Ekran System’s support team is there for you whenever you have a question about using or configuring our platform. You can always learn more about the platform’s specifics in our rich knowledge base or reach out to our support team using the support form.