USB Device Management


USB devices may present potential danger to the user’s computer and cyber security of a company. They may contain malware, including auto-starting exploits, which do not require any user action to start after plugging into a device. Such devices may also be involved in data leakage which is why USB devices are frequently prohibited by corporate security policy.


Ekran System provides USB blocking software functionality as an important addition to user activity monitoring features. Unlike hardware USB port blocker tools, which silently block USB ports from any kind of device, Ekran System gives you smarter adjustable USB blocker software solutions.


USB device management starts with configuring the rules to monitor and block USB devices of different types (i.e. mass storage devices, modems, human interface devices, video devices, etc.). You can assign different USB device management rules to different clients and client groups.


Using these rules, you can optionally:


  • Monitor connected USB devices. When a device of a specified class is connected to a monitored end-point all of its details will be logged together with all other user activity metadata.
  • Alert connected USB devices. When a potentially dangerous type of devise is connected your security personnel will receive a real-time alert notification by email or tray message.
  • Block connected USB devices. When a device of prohibited type is connected it will be completely blocked and the user can be optionally notified about this with a custom pop-up message.


To complement USB device blacklisting, Ekran System provides a whitelisting functionality and exception list where you can specify USB devices by hardware ID, vendor ID, and other parameters. Thus you ensure that all work-critical USB devices will always be enabled.


Besides providing monitored USB device information in the session indexed video logs, Ekran System can generate specific types of reports with all USB device related event details.


Complementing advanced user activity logging with USB device management software tools, Ekran System is an efficient insider threat protection solution providing a flexible and cost-saving deployment scheme.