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Case Study

Engineering Design Bureau Enables Rapid Incident Response and Insider Threat Prevention With Ekran System






Pending issue

Ensure a rapid malicious activity detection and prevent potential security incidents.

The customer

Design bureau


Customer’s requests

  • Enable monitoring and recording of user activity
  • Accelerate malicious activity detection
  • Speed up incident response and investigation

The challenge

The Ukrainian Engineering Design Bureau with limited access had received information about sensitive project documentation loss.

The IT department together with the Security service team were charged with finding a suitable solution for malicious insider detection and prevention of all possible violations in future.

The high priority task was to detect the intruder and apply appropriate penalties. Security service team was also concerned about the probability of further insider threat occurring.

Implementation of a security monitoring product had been dictated by necessity to prevent any possible problems with insiders or third parties having common or privileged access to corporate networks.

The result

Deploying Ekran System enabled our customer to:

  • Detect an insider performing malicious activity
  • Investigate the security incident
  • Enhance the security of data and prevent data loss
  • Ensure fast detection of security policy violations

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