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Case Study

PKO Finat Monitors Third Party Service Providers With Ekran System






PKO BP Finat Sp. z O.O is a large Polish financial institution, which provides comprehensive services to companies in the financial sector. Being a part of PKO BP Group, Poland’s largest banking group, PKO is still one of the best-recognized and most valuable brands in Poland.

Customer’s requests

  • Control third-party vendors’ access to the organization’s endpoints
  • Positively identify users trying to access the organization’s systems and resources
  • Ensure visibility into how third-party service providers’ behavior within the corporate network

We use Ekran System to record remote sessions of service technicians. We have several systems serviced by external companies. Thus, we have to monitor all their actions in our systems for accountable reasons. Provided solution is easy to use, yet robust, and meets our expectations.

Sebastian Michnowski 

Team Manager of the System Maintenance at PKO Finat

The challenge

Just like any other large financial institution, PKO Finat is outsourcing some of its activities to third-party service providers. Accordingly, the company provides them access to corporate servers containing all the required applications and data.

In order to comply with regulations and corporate policy rules, work of all independent contractors should be monitored for accountable and security reasons. Thus, the System Maintenance team needed to deploy a solution to monitor the server, where external companies, which servicing several systems, join in.

The result

Deploying Ekran System enabled our customer to:

  • Granularly control access permissions of third-party vendors
  • Prevent unauthorized access and enhance the security of critical endpoints
  • Track and record remote user sessions of third parties on corporate servers

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