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Case Study

PKO Ubezpieczenia Safeguards Against Third-party Risks with Ekran System


Finance and insurance




PKO Ubezpieczenia is an insurance company owned by PKO Polish Bank, the undisputed leader of the Polish banking sector, both in terms of scale of operations, as well as equity, assets, number of customers and the extent of the distribution network. PKO Ubezpieczenia offers a wide range of life and health protection products. Nowadays, it is one of the most stable life insurance companies in Poland.

Customer’s requests

  • Control access privileges for third-party contractors
  • Monitor the activity of third-party users
  • Record third-party user actions with sensitive assets
  • Ensure the security of critical data

Ekran System is a reliable product that meets its functions. We use it to monitor privileged activity on corporate servers because of maximal simplicity of the interface and the most integrated and easy to analyze format.

Roland Kroon 

Head of IT security and infrastructure at Voyage Encore Travel

The challenge

Managing third-party contractors is critical for securing sensitive business data and customer financial information, especially for such a large company as PKO Ubezpieczenia, which stores sensitive data of more than 120 000 customers. 

That is why it was important to deploy proper security system to make sure that suppliers and contractors handle information assets securely and with required level of care. 

The result

Deploying Ekran System helped the customer achieve the following results:

  • Granularly control access permissions of third-party users
  • Get a complete view of what third parties do on the company’s servers
  • Record sessions of third parties for incident investigation
  • Identify the person who uses the generic/shared login account while accessing the corporate server
  • Detect and respond to suspicious third-party activity in real-time
  • Thanks to Client protected mode, third-party users aren’t able to edit Client data and settings in the registry

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