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Case Study

Remote Vendor Security Monitoring at Polish Television Network


Media and entertainment




TVN is a leading Polish commercial television network known for its high-quality entertainment and news programs. TVN has one of the most dynamic growth rates among European television channels and is widely known for its pioneer developments. Thanks to high quality of local programs and successful adaptations of international TV formats, TVN gained the status of the world class television channel.

Customer’s requests

  • Implement privileged access and user management
  • Monitor the activities of remote administrators and third-party providers
  • Ensure corporate network protection and sensitive data security
  • Prevent all possible cybersecurity violations 

The challenge

TVN was looking for a right tool to monitor the activities of remote administrators and third-party providers, who have privileged access to the corporate network. Providing privileged access to remote vendors requires deploying proven security monitoring system to ensure corporate network protection, sensitive data security, and prevent all possible violations.

The result

Deploying Ekran System allowed our client to address each of their key requests and achieve the following results:

  • An automated and convenient way to manage user access rights and privileges
  • Full visibility into third-party and admin activity
  • Enhanced data security thanks to USB device management functionality
  • Fast detection of and response to violations of cybersecurity policies
  • Minimal resource usage (memory, CPU, etc.) on the investigated computers
  • Inability to edit data or settings on the Client computers

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