Observeit vs Centrify vs Ekran System


Privileged user activity audit is one of the most important and critical components of the modern security policies. It is equally important from the regulatory compliance and business protection standpoints.


There are different approaches to such audit based on the privileged session recording. The products we are going to compare provide detailed indexed video recordings of the privileged user sessions with various incident response tools.




Centrify Server Suite

Ekran System


Insider threat management software

Unified privileged identity management and audit solution

Software solution to monitor, detect and analyze insider threats

Target audience

Big enterprises

Big enterprises with complicated privileged access management for multiple platforms

Businesses of all size

Technical approach

Agent-based software

Agent-based software

Agent-based software

Average deployment cost




Main functions

  • Video recording of user sessions
  • Enhanced search and analysis tools
  • Advanced reporting
  • Alerts on events
  • Live session view and session locking
  • User behavior analytics
  • Enhanced user messaging
  • Enhanced privileged access management rules
  • Centralized privileged identity management
  • Video recording of user sessions
  • Query-based search tools
  • Advanced reporting
  • Session locking
  • Video recording of user sessions
  • Enhanced search and analysis tools
  • Two-factor authentication
  • One-time password functionality
  • Forced user messaging
  • Advanced reporting
  • Alerts on events
  • Live session view
  • Manual user blocking



  • Integrations with SIEM and ticket systems
  • Granular and pre-processed meta-data
  • User behavior pattern analysis
  • Comprehensive centralized PAM
  • Advanced authentication and encryption options
  • Compliance-focused assessment and reporting
  • Flexible licensing
  • Integration with SIEM and ticket systems
  • Access management capabilities
  • Easy deployment and maintenance
  • Stable and performance-optimized solution
  • Virtualization-ready


Product Review: Summary


Centrify Server Suite is good for enterprises with complex heterogeneous infrastructures looking for a privilege management unification system. Although not always easy in deployment, according to many Centrify reviews, this product can help to build a customized and centralized PAM system.


Observeit would be good recommendation for big enterprises looking for the enhanced and detailed user monitoring and insider threat detection solution.


SMB companies looking for a powerful yet flexible compliance and security monitoring tool would choose Ekran System. It is also an interesting alternative for big enterprises in their search for a stable and compatible privileged activity audit solution with some access management capabilities.



Let’s make a more detailed product review and comparison.


User session audit functionality is available in Centrify Server Suite starting from the Enterprise Edition. This solution is focused on server end-points, while both Observeit and Ekran System deliver server and desktop end-point monitoring. All three work with Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms.


Privileged Access Management


The privileged session recording and audit functionality is an addition to the identity consolidation and privileged access management delivered by Centrify Server Suite by means of Microsoft Active Directory integration. The solution allows setting centralized enhanced access rules and limitations in heterogeneous infrastructures as well as integrations with multiple multi-factor authentication and encryption tools.


While not being considered as a direct Centrify alternative, Ekran System and Observeit both include a set of access management features, in particular providing secondary authentication for the shared accounts to unambiguously assign activity to a specific user. Apart from that, Ekran System also provides one-time password and two-factor authentication functionality.


Privileged Activity Monitoring


In turn, Observeit and Ekran System are first of all monitoring and audit solutions. Both products as Centrify competitors provide more detailed metadata, enhanced search functionality, easy-to-use analysis and session replay tools.  


Important difference in both Ekran System vs Centrify and Observeit vs Centrify comparisons is the alerting feature. Ekran System and Observeit provide customizable real-time alerts on potentially risky user actions notifying security personal and delivering all essential event details together with video episode. Both tools allow for real-time live session viewing and locking it manually if some problems detected. Ekran System will additionally prevent all subsequent login attempts performed by the blocked user.


Observeit couples alerting functionality with user behavior analysis and risk rating.




Among all three competitors, Ekran System provides the easiest and most cost-saving license management for virtual end-points. For the frequently changing virtual environments, it delivers automated license assignment for the newly created virtual end-points and enables easy license removal from the shut-down-forever virtual hosts; the unassigned licenses return to the pool for the next end-points.


Licensing and Targeting


When comparing Centrify vs Observeit, we consider two solutions targeted to the big enterprise customers, and thus both Observeit and Centrify price is pretty high. Ekran System vendor targets both SMB and big enterprise market. The main differentiator is flexible licensing scheme with two types of licenses – Enterprise license that provides additional features for large companies, but also has a charge for management panel, as well as Standard license with the price based only on a number of monitored end-points. Thus, Ekran System provides a cost-effective deployment for companies of any size, while both Observeit and Centrify cost includes a mandatory management component license, substantially rising the price for small deployments.


One more SMB-friendly feature of Ekran System is optional free embedded data base support in addition to the MS SQL support, while both Centrify and Observeit work only with commercial SQL databases.



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