FISMA Compliance Solutions


Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) is a federal law designed to impose information security standards and requirements on all federal agencies in the U.S. The main objective of the standard is to implement cost-effective, security solutions based on the estimated level of risk. FISMA IT compliance requirements include security control, risk assessment and the continuous monitoring of system status and protected data.


Ekran System is a user activity and security monitoring software that presents a number of FISMA compliance solutions. It’s designed to combat internal security attacks and records all user actions in an advanced indexed video format with relevant metadata which provides detailed reports and customizable notifications. Ekran System gives you all the necessary information to control access to sensitive data and system settings and issue fast and efficient responses in the event of an incident making meeting FISMA requirements easy.


FISMA compliance software can be quite expensive, however Ekran Systems provides a scalable solution that can be cost-effectively deployed on any number of servers and desktops enabling you to save money. Free demo version and trial are also available.


Perform a gap analysis to establish a security controls baseline


Ekran System records all visual information from a user’s screen into an advanced video format accompanied by text log data. This allows IT auditors to view the activity of a specific user, such as opened windows, accessed folders, started applications, executed commands and scripts, etc. Ekran System provides gapless recording of user activity in Windows, Citrix, and Linux / Unix sessions, both remote and local.


Perform a risk assessment of security controls


With Ekran System alert notification tools and customizable recording policies, you can identify and respond to potentially dangerous activities before they cause problems. Ekran System features easily searchable video recordings and text logs, as well as an ability to generate detailed easy-to-analyze reports. Recorded sessions can be exported into an encrypted stand-alone, easy-to-use data format. Data can be used to conduct incident investigations and security audits. The automatic USB device blocking feature allows you to prevent potential security violations.


Create a security system plan and documentation


Ekran System provides a user messaging system delivering important custom messages surrounding monitoring and corporate policy rules to ensure that users are notified and agree to comply with existing corporate policies and regulations before they start working. This system also allows you to deliver other important messages to users.


Perform an audit of the security controls to determine effectiveness


Ekran System provides various summary reports that can help you to cross-check your security monitoring and incident response actions. It also includes an internal logging system which produces an audit trail of all actions performed by security specialists working with Ekran System starting from session viewing and up to the user permission or client configuration changes.


Monitor security controls on a continual basis


A new feature of Ekran System is the ability to track internal system users. Each person working with Ekran System Management Tool will be clearly identified and his or her actions will be monitored and recorded, allowing you to conduct a quick assessment of an effectiveness of your security controls.