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NIST 800-53 Compliance

Monitor insider activity. Detect anomalies. Respond to incidents. ALL-IN-ONE

NIST 800-53 compliance: who needs it and why?

As a non-regulatory agency of the US Department of Commerce, NIST focuses on researching and establishing general guidelines and standards that federal agencies must meet.

NIST 800-53B

Security control baselines

Privacy control baseline




Privacy control baseline

The Ekran System platform is the ultimate NIST 800-53 compliance software that covers the core security controls and makes it easy to secure your organization’s critical assets and sensitive data.

Using Ekran System to meet NIST 800-53 requirements

Ekran System helps you comply with NIST 800-53 security controls and secure your sensitive data by providing user activity monitoring and auditing, identity and access management, and incident response capabilities.

NIST 800-53 Revision 5.1 provides detailed guidelines for the above-mentioned security and privacy controls that cover 20 control families.

NIST 800-53 control families

AC – Access Control

AT – Awareness and Training

AU – Audit and Accountability

CA – Assessment, Authorization, and Monitoring

CM – Configuration Management

CP – Contingency Planning

IA – Identification and Authentication

IR – Incident Response

MA – Maintenance

MP – Media Protection

PE – Physical and Environmental Protection

PL – Planning

PM – Program Management

PS – Personnel Security

PT – Personally Identifiable Information
Processing and Transparency

RA – Risk Assessment

SA – System and Services Acquisition

SC – System and Communications Protection

SI – System and Information Integrity

SR – Supply Chain Risk Management

For each of these families, there’s a large list of NIST 800-53 controls that includes security controls with different impact levels. However, organizations don’t need to implement all of these controls to comply with FISMA and NIST SP 800-53. They need to follow the baseline recommendations for architecting information security systems but are free to choose which security tools and solutions to use for that purpose.

  • Access Control (AC)
  • Audit and Accountability (AU)
  • Assessment, Authorization, and Monitoring (CA)
  • Identification and Authentication (IA)
  • Incident Response (IR)
  • Maintenance (MA)
  • Planning (PL)

With Ekran System, you can implement the necessary security controls for NIST 800-53 control families including:

As a NIST compliance tool, Ekran System fully covers all of the controls in the Audit and Accountability family while also covering the majority of security controls in other control families.

Access Control

Ekran System offers a robust set of privileged access management capabilities, enabling you to granularly manage access permissions for different users, roles, and user groups. Other access management features provided by Ekran System include manual access approval, time-limited access permissions, one-time passwords, two-factor authentication, and secondary authentication for shared accounts.

Audit and Accountability

Assessment, Authorization, and Monitoring

Ekran System offers functionality for securely authorizing users and entities as well as continuously monitoring their actions within the IT infrastructure.

Identification and Authentication

Incident Response



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