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The Challenge

The Challenge

Employees access critical data and systems on a daily basis. Without an established monitoring system, you are blind to cybersecurity and employee performance issues that may arise in your organization.

If an employee mishandles data, whether on purpose or unintentionally, you may face consequences such as:

  • Leaks of corporate and customer data
  • Fines for non-compliance with cybersecurity requirements
  • Financial and reputational damage


Employee monitoring allows businesses to receive insights into employee efficiency while securing critical data and commercial secrets. Monitoring employee activity with Ekran System employee screen monitoring software can help you:

  • Secure interactions with sensitive data
  • Detect and prevent costly data breaches
  • Audit employee performance
  • Detect and optimize inefficient workflows
  • Comply with cybersecurity standards


Continuous monitoring and audit functionality

Monitor employee activity in real time and enable your security officers to watch an ongoing session without disturbing an employee. Audit employee activity and performance in real time or in retrospective.

Screen video recording

Review records of employee sessions whenever you need to check how employees handle corporate data and systems. Watch employees' sessions in a YouTube-like player in a video format that's easy to interpret.

In-video episode search

All video records are indexed with multiple layers of text metadata to help you easily and quickly search for suspicious user activity. Ekran System captures a large number of employee activity logs: the names of open applications, visited websites, executed Linux commands, keystrokes, and more. You can search by keywords across all recorded sessions.

Identity and access management

Make sure only authorized employees can access critical endpoints. Manage access rights of privileged employees to secure access to sensitive data and get full visibility over all privileged accounts.

Role-based access control

With Ekan System, you can add users with similar privileges to groups. Thus, you can manage access rights for employees with certain roles in a few clicks, since you adjust privileges to a certain group, not for every person individually. It will help you make sure your employees have only those access rights they need for day-to-day work.

Multi-factor authentication

Leverage two-factor authentication to build a robust identity verification process that prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your critical services, systems, and data.

One-time passwords and access approval

Implement one-time passwords to provide emergency access upon an employee's request and manage day-to-day access to your most critical endpoints. Your security team can decide whether to approve or deny temporary access, and Ekran System saves all logs for future audits.

Productivity monitoring

Track and analyze the productivity of both in-house and remote employees. Detect inefficient workflows across your organization and find the true reasons behind them using data collected by Ekran System.

Gain visibility into employee actions

Monitor employees' active and idle time. Determine who works with what applications, files, and systems at a specific time. Use the data collected by Ekran System to know what your employees do with their work time and see what to improve in their daily routines.

Productivity reports

You can also get deeper insights into things such as URL reports and the duration of work within each application to know how much time your employees actually work. With Ekran System, you can configure a convenient schedule to automatically receive productivity reports for analysis.

Productivity monitoring

Automated incident response

Receive alerts on suspicious events, such as launching an unwanted application or accessing a restricted website. Review flagged sessions to prevent inappropriate use of data inside the corporate network and eliminate security risks.

Predefined and custom alerts

Respond to security incidents immediately thanks to real-time alerts. Use our library of commonly used alerts, or build custom alerts based on certain activity parameters. You can specify a risk level for each alert to prioritize alerts in monitoring records and reports.

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)

Ekran System provides an AI-based UEBA module for establishing a user behavior baseline and notifying your security team about any abnormal user activity. Our UEBA module can help you detect compromised accounts or identify a malicious insider even before other security tools inform you about an incident.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring with Ekran System Solution

Prevent Data Leaks

Protect valuable corporate and client data, intellectual property, and trade secrets from being stolen or deleted.

Manage Insider Risks

Secure your assets from risks stemming from malicious employees, negligent workers, or compromised accounts.

Increase Employee Productivity

Get a comprehensive view of your employees’ performance and make sure employees spend work hours efficiently.

Comply with Requirements

Meet major IT compliance requirements, laws, standards, and regulations by securing access to sensitive data and preventing potential data leaks, data misuse, and data theft.

Gain Visibility into Employees’ Actions

Know for sure who does what inside the corporate IT perimeter and secure your organization’s resources with robust employee activity monitoring and screen recording.

Monitor User Activity with Ekran System®

Ekran System® is universal employee activity monitoring software that tracks any user action on:

Monitor and Record Everything


Online searches

Network connections

Attempts to upload or download files

Launched applications

Sent and received emails

Typed keystrokes

Visited websites

Connected USB devices

Accessed files and systems


The most complete set of supported platforms

More on supported platforms

Ekran System® integrations

Ekran System employee tracking software seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure, including with leading SIEM and ticketing systems.

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What is employee computer monitoring and why does it matter?

Employee computer monitoring is tracking workers' activity inside an organization's IT perimeter with dedicated software for computer monitoring. This practice helps businesses monitor employees' performance, optimize workflows, protect sensitive data, and address security concerns.

How does Ekran System monitor employee activity?

Ekran System is robust software that helps to monitor employee computer activity in both real time and in records as well as track employees' active and idle time. You can use Ekran System to monitor the activity of both in-house and remote employees.

Does Ekran System provide SaaS or on-premises deployment?

The out-of-the-box version of Ekran System supports both on-premises and SaaS deployment.

What are Ekran System's storage requirements and performance stats?

Ekran System applies highly optimized formats to store session recordings and metadata. The platform is also optimized in terms of bandwidth use. You can see actual performance numbers and basic hardware requirements for typical deployments in our technical documentation.

Can I hide the Ekran System client from users?

Ekran System isn't spyware, so it doesn't support hiding. Although Ekran System agents are visible, we deliver the best client protection mechanisms on the market, making our software unstoppable even for privileged users.

Can I capture keystrokes? And what about passwords?

Ekran System captures all keystrokes and even clipboard content. They're hidden in the session recordings so security specialists can't see sensitive data such as passwords in plain text. At the same time, all keystroke logs are searchable.

Our Linux clients capture entered exec and sudo commands with all their parameters as well as the contents of all started scripts.

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Monitor User Activity with Ekran System®