Remote Workers are Under Control


In the last decade, the number of employees working at home has increased a lot. As the natural result, in the era of cloud computing technologies, mobile devices, and video conferences, there’s no need to be physically present in the office anymore. According to the Census's American Community Survey, the quantity of remote workers from home or partly from home has jumped in 70% between 2000 and 2014.  


What Concerns do Remote Workers Bring to Your Business?


On the other hand, there are significant issues with remote employees. The security of your company sensitive information is the first concern. How can you be sure that your valuable assets won’t be stolen by third-parties or used by the remote employee for private profit? And what is more important: are you able to prevent such unpleasant situations timely? For some industries, such situations are the subject of regulatory regulations (see for example, Data protection compliance in banks).


Another important concern is control. That is, how much time do remote employees dedicate to work and how much time — to non-working activities, such as social networks, household chores, chatting with family, and so on?


You also need to be confident that your remote workers’ productivity is high. But if you continuously control remote employees, asking them every 5 minutes what are they busy doing, they only become demotivated and their productivity starts to decrease.


Available Solutions for Remote Workers Control


Performance metrics. Performance metrics or quantifiable metrics can provide you with information on how much time an employee spends on this or that task. But such measuring doesn’t give the whole picture: you get only duration statistics, but you don’t really know whether this employee was working or he was simply busy doing other activity.


VPN connection. This solution is not very reliable as well. Just because an employee was connected to the office VPN during the whole day, it doesn’t mean that he was actually working.


Activity monitoring systems. The main feature of such applications is recording user activity. But it often happens so that you simply waste your time on watching the whole recorded session to find the key episode in it. Moreover, it is impossible to prevent forbidden actions performed by employees in such programs. In addition, such systems frequently don’t have convenient tools for analyzing user activity or make analysis a complicated, time-consuming, and technically sound task.


Ekran System — an All-In-One Solution for Remote Workers Activity Monitoring


As you can see, none of the listed above solutions contain all the needed functionality for user activity monitoring.


If you want audit remote employees work, measure their productivity, and prevent timely all the possible violations with the help of a single application, then you can use Ekran System — an all-in-one solution for remote workers activity monitoring.


Ekran System provides you with video recording of all terminal, local, and remote sessions. With the help of it, you can control the work of your remote employees with business critical applications and shared resources, prevent all potentially forbidden and harmful actions timely, and always have a picture of the remote employees’ effectiveness.


In our White Paper block, you can find more details about remote workers monitoring and Ekran System solution.