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Case Study

Cecabank Ensures Swift CSP Compliance With the Help of Ekran System





Must comply with



Pending issue

Complying with the requirements of SWIFT CSP

The customer


Customer’s requests

  • Establish visibility in the SWIFT environment
  • Detect the use of compromised SWIFT credentials
  • Upload SWIFT access logs to their SIEM

Ekran customized some of their functionality to help us solve our security task. Now, monitoring and auditing users accessing the SWIFT network through our environment is much easier.

Security Architect at Cecabank

The challenge

Any organization that uses SWIFT services has to comply with security controls described in the SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP). To maintain SWIFT CSP compliance and improve their security, our customer needed to reduce the risk of SWIFT account compromise and detect the potential use of compromised SWIFT credentials.

Bank users access the SWIFT environment via two Citrix servers and Citrix XenApp. Therefore, Cecabank decided to record all successful logins to Citrix instances. They also wanted to be able to upload SWIFT access logs to their security information and event management (SIEM) system.

Cecabank was searching for a reliable partner to help them comply with updated SWIFT CSP requirements. After studying the market, they decided to go with Ekran System.

The result

Deploying Ekran System helped our customer to:

  • Gain a clear understanding of who does what in their SWIFT environment 
  • Prevent or stop attacks in the SWIFT environment at early stages 
  • Analyze SWIFT access logs easily via their SIEM

See how Ekran System enabled the customer’s success

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