Windows RDP Monitoring and Recording


Ekran System perfectly fits Windows user desktops and Windows server monitoring and audit needs by recording a multitude of user sessions on all end-points.


Windows session recording
  • Windows Server Audit
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003


Windows workstation audit


Installed on a Windows-based PC, Ekran System controls any user activity recording remote desktop sessions and local sessions as well in an indexed, easy-to-analyze, and searchable video format. Windows session recording also includes accompanying meta-information - application name, windows title, visited URL, connected USB devices, etc.


Any session, initiated from this PC (such as Telnet, console, or remote PC management session), will be also recorded in the video stream together with all typed keystrokes.


Windows server audit


Servers are traditionally critical end-points of the corporate infrastructure and the task to record terminal sessions on them is always on the security agenda.


Ekran System is a powerful yet cost-effective software tool for Windows server user recording and audit. Indexed video recording of each user session allows to track work with sensitive files and critical applications, plugging-in new devices, configuration changes, creation of new users and updating their profiles, etc.


Ekran System provides a range of server monitoring clients to meet monitoring needs of endpoints of different types. From infrastructure server audit to recording unlimited number of sessions on a terminal server to recording further remote connections for jump boxes. See our Licensing Scheme page for more details on available packages.


It is very important for Windows server monitoring to clearly assign each session to the specific user, not just generic “admin” login. To solve this task, Ekran System provides additional access management layers for shared administrator logins.






Record RDP sessions and more


Windows terminal session monitoring includes:


  • All RDP sessions recording,
  • Other graphical session recording, regardless of the protocol or application: Logmein, radmin, etc.


Besides monitoring RDP sessions, Ekran System Windows session monitoring provides indexed video logs for local sessions on Windows servers. All recorded sessions include searchable meta-information with user activity details as well as all typed keystrokes.


Additional incident response tools include Windows server user blocking



Protected Windows session monitoring

Windows user activity monitoring performed by the Ekran System Clients can be securely protected from any attempts to stop the service, block its work, or uninstall the agent.


Ekran System is continuous Windows desktop and Windows server monitoring software. Even if the managing server connection is temporarily lost, the solution continues to record screen activity with metadata storing monitoring results locally in a protected place.