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SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP) Compliance Solutions

Monitor insider activity. Detect anomalies. Respond to incidents. ALL-IN-ONE

The SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP) aims to enhance the security of interactions within the SWIFT network and protect financial entities against cyber threats and fraud.

Meeting SWIFT CSP requirements can help your organization improve overall cybersecurity resilience, avoid fines and penalties, and emphasize reliability to customers.

Benefits of using Ekran System for SWIFT CSP compliance

Enhance organizational security

Detect insider threats

Avoid fines and lawsuits

Secure access to financial data

Prevent data breaches

Promptly respond to incidents

Who does SWIFT CSP apply to?

SWIFT CSP applies to financial institutions and organizations that use SWIFT services
for financial messaging and transactions:


Credit unions

Securities firms

Corporate treasuries

Payment processors

Financial service providers

Key objectives of SWIFT CSP

  1. Restrict internet access and protect critical systems from general IT environment
  2. Reduce attack surface and vulnerabilities
  3. Physically secure the environment

  1. Prevent compromise of credentials
  2. Manage identities and separate privileges

  1. Detect anomalous activity to systems or transaction records
  2. Plan for incident response and information sharing

Comply with SWIFT CSP using Ekran System

Ekran System is a universal insider risk management platform designed to deter, detect, and disrupt human-related threats in your IT environment. Ensure secure SWIFT infrastructure management, meet most SWIFT CSP requirements, and protect your organization’s sensitive assets by deploying Ekran System. Here’s how:

Detailed mapping of SWIFT CSP security controls to Ekran System features

Deployment schemes

Architecture Type A: SWIFT Infrastructure within User Location

Architecture Type B: SWIFT Infrastructure outside User Location

Why Ekran System?

Easy maintenance and deployment

Flexible licensing


24/7 support from in-house team

Lightweight software agent

Highly optimized data storage formats

Complete server and desktop OS support

Privacy protection with user data anonymization


SWIFT CSP, or SWIFT Customer Security Programme, is a comprehensive cybersecurity framework developed to enhance the security practices of financial organizations using SWIFT transactions. SWIFT CSP incorporates the Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF), which establishes security controls and guidelines for financial institutions to protect against cyber threats. SWIFT CSP also includes guidelines and self-attestation requirements to mitigate cybersecurity risks within the SWIFT network.

Non-compliance with SWIFT CSP can have negative consequences for a financial organization, including reputational damage, legal liabilities, and even fines. The SWIFT Customer Security Programme itself can’t impose financial penalties on organizations. However, failure to secure sensitive financial data may result in fines and penalties imposed by other cybersecurity laws and regulations for the financial sector. In some severe cases of non-compliance, SWIFT may suspend an organization’s ability to conduct international financial transactions using the SWIFT network.

One of the most common challenges with meeting the requirements of SWIFT CSP is allocating the necessary resources. Finding financial, technological, and human resources and justifying them to the board can be difficult. Implementing the necessary cybersecurity measures described by SWIFT may require significant investments. It may also be challenging to track and understand the specific controls SWIFT CSP requires. Hiring external SWIFT CSP consultancy services and implementing all-in-one cybersecurity solutions like Ekran System can help your organization cover the majority of requirements.

Since 2022, SWIFT requires organizations to support their self-assessments with SWIFT independent assessments. An independent external assessor should evaluate your financial institution’s compliance with SWIFT CSP requirements. Your organization can choose from a list of approved SWIFT CSP auditors or select your own assessor. Performed annually, the SWIFT CSP audit includes making an on-site assessment of your cybersecurity controls, conducting a compliance gap analysis, and compiling a detailed assessment report. Based on this report, your organization creates an action plan to address any gaps between your organization’s security measures and controls required by SWIFT CSP. Once your independent audit is finished, you provide a summary of the assessment and your remediation efforts to SWIFT.

Yes. SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework requires organizations to restrict internet access and create a SWIFT secure zone to protect SWIFT-related critical systems from the general IT environment. It’s a segregated environment with only necessary payment systems and software that are protected by firewalls. Another essential measure enforced by SWIFT CSP is implementing identity and access management controls, including two-factor authentication, to ensure the principle of least privilege. Finally, SWIFT CSP requires financial organizations to implement security measures such as continuous user activity monitoring and robust threat detection to be able to promptly identify and respond to security threats. Ekran System‘s robust insider risk management functionality can help your organization implement most SWIFT security requirements and secure sensitive financial data.

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