Third-Party Vendor Monitoring and Audit


While the term “corporate infrastructure insider” is frequently used for company employees, there is one more category of such users – employees of various third-party organizations providing professional outsourcing services. Such organizations can be:


  • Managed service providers (MSP), and in particular managed security service providers (MSSP)
  • IT outsourcing service providers, frequently referred as IT providers
  • Remote third-party vendors
  • Independent auditors and experts


Those people can administer your databases, configure and maintain your servers and critical applications, monitor security perimeters, test system vulnerability, and perform other important tasks to ensure business continuity.


Due to their roles and tasks they have privileged access to critical end-points and are in touch with sensitive information.


Why you need third party monitoring and audit solutions


IT provider monitoring and remote third-party vendor management and audit are essential parts of overall risk management and industry regulatory norms compliance.


Outsourced administration service providers can change critical system configuration, and thus their actions need detailed monitoring. Outsourced security service providers have access to the enterprise security perimeter and, naturally, MSSP monitoring solutions are part of the company’s security strategy. As outsourced staff can access, modify, or even delete sensitive data, third party monitoring is crucial to ensure data security.


Get an efficient and affordable solution


Ekran System meets all company needs by setting up third party monitoring processes.


The solution can be easily deployed on critical end-points since that moment will provide a detailed video log of any outsourced staff session. You can configure Ekran System to record all or just a selected list of user names thus focusing on third-party provider monitoring.


Video format is integrated and easy-to-analyze. Real-time alerts and various general user activity reports make IT provider and remote vendor monitoring even more simple and efficient.


Due to the typically escalated privileges of such insiders, any MSP monitoring software or third-party vendor monitoring service must provide a comprehensive set of privileged user activity control features. Ekran System meets this requirement:



Combining a powerful set of MSP and third party vendor monitoring features, Ekran System offers the most flexible licensing scheme while remaining cost-effective for deployments of any size.


Supporting both MS SQL and free embedded Firebird database, Ekran System meets the needs of big enterprises and SMB segments.  


Various configurations covered


Ekran System supports Windows platforms by recording local, console, remote, and terminal sessions with any level of privileges. The solution allows you to monitor user activity in Citrix XenApp published applications and XenDesktop virtual desktops.


Ekran System also covers your Linux servers recording Telnet SSH sessions and providing additional audit and report features to analyze used sudo commands.