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Ensure Robust Insider Risk Management In Your Microsoft Azure Environment

Manage access. Audit activity. Respond to incidents. ALL-IN-ONE

Leverage all the security capabilities of Ekran System to secure your Microsoft Azure environment!

Microsoft Azure offers a wide selection of tools to help businesses securely and efficiently build, test, deploy, and manage their applications and services in the cloud. However, Azure can’t mitigate all security risks coming from inside your organization.

This is a task that requires deploying a robust insider risk management solution like Ekran System. Our platform can enhance the security of your cloud environment and mitigate threats from within.


Mitigate insider threats with Ekran System

Bring additional security to your Azure environment with Ekran System’s abilities to successfully deter, detect, and disrupt insider threats.

4 pillars of Azure Environment Security with Ekran System

Monitor user activity

See who does what inside you cloud

Control access to Azure Environment

Make sure only trusted users can enter your cloud 

Detect suspicious activity

Learn about possible threats as early as possible

Respond to security incidents in real time

Being a full-cycle insider risk management platform, our solution can help you:

  • Ensure comprehensive user activity monitoring. You can monitor your employees’ activity in the Microsoft Azure environment both online (in real time) and offline (in locally stored records that include the complete context of user activities). With Ekran System, you can also monitor activity of privileged users and third-party vendors, eliminating even more potential insider risks.
  • Control access to sensitive data. Make sure no one in your Azure environment has access rights that exceed their professional needs. To secure the most sensitive assets, you can enable an access request and approval workflow for every user who tries to access them.
  • Instantly detect suspicious activity. When your Azure environment is secured with Ekran System, you can immediately detect abnormal user behavior. Our platform has several mechanisms for identifying suspicious user actions, including a UEBA module based on artificial intelligence.
  • Respond to security incidents. Your security team will receive alerts on every suspicious event detected by Ekran System. They can review user sessions that trigger alerts and block them if needed. Also, Ekran System allows for configuring rules to automatically block a session or send a warning message to a user in only a few clicks.

Apart from securing your Microsoft Azure environment, Ekran System works with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) endpoints.

Learn more about

Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Session Recording

How to deploy Ekran System on Azure?

Deploying Ekran System is straightforward, fast, and doesn’t require you to modify your existing Azure infrastructure.

Ekran System deployment scheme for Microsoft Azure

  • Have an Azure subscription
  • Have a Microsoft user account with permissions to create new resources using the subscription

Watch our demo video to learn how to deploy Ekran System to secure your Microsoft Azure environment from insider threats.

Why choose Ekran System on Azure?

Ekran System combines several essential insider risk management controls in one platform.

While being an effective tool for preventing insider threats, Ekran System is free from unnecessary deployment and configuration overhead. And no matter how many users you want to monitor, all the accumulated data will be compressed by Ekran System to efficiently use disk space.

Benefits you get with Ekran System

Fast and easy deployment

Optimized data storage

Lightweight software agent

Full customer support

Here are a few more benefits of Ekran System:

  • Virtualization-ready agents. Include Ekran System Client in the master image of your virtual machines to make the client load with any newly created endpoint. This allows you to automatically monitor all virtual desktops in your environment.

Protect your Microsoft Azure environment from insider threats with Ekran System.

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