Become a Partner of Ekran System


Ekran System is a powerful, reliable IT monitoring security solution promoted worldwide. Our strategy focuses on building a powerful global Partner Network to bring our offerings closer to the customer and improve customer experience.




Distributors and VARs

Offer an attractive, powerful next generation cyber security solution to your customers assisting them with security monitoring and meeting compliance requirements


Service Providers

Make your IT services transparent for your customers and add value to your security monitoring offering with comprehensive user activity audit

Your Deals, Guaranteed

Working within Ekran System Partnership Program, you can be sure that your leads are contacted only by your representative and any conflicts of interest are excluded. Once you have registered a deal at the Ekran System Partner Portal, all communication and generated licenses will be assigned to your company.


The Partner Portal provides you a number of automated features to support your sale: trial generation, demo licenses, and more.



Consider SaaS Model

Deliver insider threat detection and privileged user monitoring functionality as a service to your customers! Become a partner of employee monitoring and third-party provider control solution delivered on-line - learn more about this unique cloud security offer.



Let’s Grow Together

At Ekran System, we intend to grow together with our partners. We provide user activity monitoring software trainings and promotional materials, make pre-release announcements, and create special offers for all participants of our partnership program.


The Ekran System team is very attentive to feedback from your new business opportunities and existing customers. Approximately 60% of the features and improvements implemented in 2014-2015 were initiated by our partner requests and key deal requirements.