Ekran System is a full-cycle insider threat management platform that effectively deters, detects, and disrupts insider threats. We invite you to join the Ekran System Partner Program to grow your business and assist your customers in building secure and reliable IT infrastructures.


Increase the value of your security services by complementing them with Ekran System’s ultimate insider threat management platform. Make your offerings more compelling for those who need to effectively manage all kinds of insiders, from employees to third-party vendors and subcontractors.




The Ekran System Partner Program offers four transparent and profitable membership models. Choose the one that suits you best:

partnership model

Picking one of these membership models will allow you to enter a limited circle of true professionals who know how to grow their businesses and build a consistent revenue stream.

why promote Ekran System

*According to the Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report



With the Ekran System Partner Program, you can take it one step at a time, diving into the insider threat management world at your own pace. The whole process consists of six easy steps:

six steps to become a partner

*We will consider Ekran System Partner Program applications within two business days. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly via email.


After joining the program, you’ll get access to exclusive resources and promo materials, including access to the Partner Portal. This web resource provides you with relevant information on our partnership and gives you access to a range of automated features for supporting your sales, including tools for generating trials and demo licenses.


All Ekran System partners regularly receive professional training that covers important topics:


  • Current Ekran System functionality
  • Platform deployment and technical support
  • Upcoming platform updates and improvements
  • Key stages of the sales cycle and customer support advice
  • And more


6-hour training sessions can be completed online at your own pace. If you have any questions, you can always turn to your personal partner manager.




The Ekran System Partner Program is our way of expanding the presence of Ekran System in the global cybersecurity market. We aim to assist you in addressing your customers’ immediate cybersecurity challenges, thus making our partnership beneficial for all sides.


In particular, joining the Partner Program allows you to:


Personalize the partnership. The program can easily be adjusted to your company’s sales model so you get maximum benefits with minimal effort. You’ll be assigned a personal partner manager who can effectively address any concerns.


Get professional assistance. You can count on the assistance of the Ekran System team in everything from platform deployment to securing a deal, at any stage of the sales cycle. Our top technical specialists will educate your engineers on the specifics and capabilities of the platform and its tools. In turn, our sales professionals will share their secrets for attracting more customers.


In addition, we can arrange joint customer calls, educational webinars, and product demonstrations to make promoting Ekran System convenient and easy.


Receive additional marketing support. Ekran System provides you with ready-to-use co-branded marketing materials or brandable templates. We can assist you in creating banners, presentation materials, pre-sale announcements, and any other marketing content you may need to promote the Ekran System platform. We also provide effective email templates for launching compelling email campaigns.


For proactive partners, we’re also willing to discuss sharing marketing costs and providing additional support at shows and events.


Keep every deal transparent. If the lead is yours, the deal is yours. Ekran System eliminates any conflicts of interest and guarantees that your leads can be contacted only by your representatives. Once a deal is registered on the Ekran System Partner Portal, all further communications and generated licenses for this deal will be assigned to your company. When needed, our specialists will gladly assist you with customer interactions.


Help us help you sell a better product. Let’s make sure your customers stay satisfied, together. If you, your customers, or your business opportunity lack something in the Ekran System platform, let us know. Our engineering team will do their best to deliver the functionality that addresses your needs fully and in a timely manner. And with a high degree of roadmap flexibility, we can make last-minute changes to it. Our dedicated R&D engineers can build new features and improve the platform in a way needed for enabling large $150K+ deals.

partnership model


Enter the growing community of Ekran System partners right now. Fill out the form to become a partner today or email us at .