Offline activation


If you have no Internet connection on the computer on which the serial keys are to be activated, you can activate them on the license site and then add the activated serial keys offline.



To activate serial keys on this website, do the following:

  1. Download the KeyGenerator.exe file.
  2. Start the KeyGenerator.exe file on the computer with the installed Ekran System Application Server.
  3. The Ekran System Unique Identifier Generator window opens.
  4. Click Generate to generate a unique identifier for your computer.
  5. When the unique identifier for your computer is generated, it will appear in a text box under the Unique Identifier group of options.
  6. Copy the unique identifier from the text box to a text file on a removable drive.
  7. With this unique identifier, you can activate your purchased serial keys in the
    Activation Form below.
  8. Copy and paste the unique identifier to the Unique Identifier box.
  9. Copy and paste the purchased serial keys to the Serial Keys box separating them with paragraphs or spaces.
  10. Enter the CAPTCHA text in a text box near the CAPTCHA image.
  11. Click Activate.
  12. The activatedKeys.txt file will be generated. Save the file on a removable drive.
  13. Log in to the Management Tool as a user of the Administrators user group.
  14. Click the Serial Key Management navigation link to the left.
  15. On the Serial Keys tab, click Add activated keys.
  16. On the Activated Serial Key Adding page, click Choose File and navigate to the activatedKeys.txt file with the activated serial keys.
  17. Click Add.
  18. The newly added serial keys will appear on the Serial Key Management page.
  19. The number of available licenses and the update and support period end date will change.
  20. If there are both licensed and unlicensed Clients in your network and you want to license the rest of the Clients with a purchased key, you have to assign the license to the remaining unlicensed Clients manually.