User Activity Monitoring (UAM) Software

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Ekran System® is a universal user activity monitoring software platform that covers each node of your infrastructure.

User Activity Monitoring Software Features

Session Recording

Ekran System® records on-screen user activity for all sessions in video format, indexed by accompanying text metadata.

Also, the user activity tracking software captures input and output audio streams on the endpoints.

It provides Citrix and Windows user activity monitoring on servers and workstations with local, RDP, and terminal session recording. It also provides Telnet SSH session recording for Linux/UNIX servers.

Each session record includes important details about remote connections and connecting users. You can also export it for further investigation and analysis.

Advanced Monitoring Format

Ekran System’s core monitoring format is high-performance video indexed with multilayer metadata including names of active applications, titles of active windows, websites (URLs) visited, keystrokes types, commands and scripts executed, and devices connected.

Video recording is an efficient tool for logging and auditing user activity, as it’s all-inclusive and integrated, allowing for quick comprehension and reconstruction and providing the tools to respond to a security incident.

At the same time, multilayer text indexing makes video records searchable and allows for in-depth investigation.

Ekran System records are optimized to achieve exemplary performance.

Real-time User Activity Monitoring & Incident Alerts

Ekran System not only records user sessions but also monitors user activities in real time.

It includes an AI-based user behavior analytics subsystem that continuously checks user activity against a normal baseline to detect deviations and possible account compromise in a timely manner. The Ekran System UEBA module can help security officers better detect insider threats when employees act maliciously during short periods of time or when they inadvertently exfiltrate corporate data.

It also includes another alerting subsystem based on customizable rules that’s used to doubly secure the most critical assets and scenarios. You can use alerts from the template library – which cover the most typical insider threat signals – or build your own rules using a variety of parameters.

After an alert is triggered, everything is set up for quick incident response. Notifications include suspicious session details and links to the corresponding video episodes for quick inspection. If the session is still running, a security officer can connect to it in real time. For the most critical alerts, you can assign automated blocking and warning actions.

USB Monitoring & Control

An important aspect of monitoring user activities is controlling the use of connected devices.

Ekran System user tracking software includes powerful USB device monitoring and management functionality for dealing with storage devices as well as any kind of USB equipment, including modems and keyboards.

The user activity monitoring system can track device connections and can be configured to notify your security team about them. Besides monitoring, Ekran System can be set up to allow or block devices according to rules, blacklists, and whitelists.

To add more flexibility, Ekran allows you to set up manual USB device approval for critical scenarios.

Record Filtering

Software to monitor user activity will log thousands of user actions over a typical day. Solutions for monitoring computer activity of a number of privileged users should provide tools to make logging more focused.

To record user activity optimally, Ekran System gives you several filtering options. You can record a selected number of key applications or set up a list of private/non-critical applications or URLs you don’t wish to monitor.

Continuous monitiring

Continuous Monitoring

A big requirement for any user activity tracker is ensuring uninterrupted user activity tracking under any conditions.

Software to track user activity includes an offline monitoring option. If the network connection on the client goes down, the Ekran System Client will continue to work, collecting monitoring data in secure storage on the client to then send to the central storage according to a performance-aware protocol once the connection is restored.

Ekran System Client and its data are protected from intrusion by monitoring users with any level of privilege. By enabling Protection from Client settings modification, you can prevent client uninstallation, process interruption, solution component editing, and other actions to block monitoring.



Full desktop and server OS support

Full desktop and server OS support

Ekran System continuously monitors various endpoints within any network architecture. One of the best user activity monitoring tools for Windows, Ekran also works for macOS and is a powerful Linux/UNIX session audit tool. It even supports X Window and all popular virtualization solutions. Ekran allows agent-based and jump server-based deployments as well as any combination thereof.



Designed for tracking user activity on tens of thousands of endpoints, Ekran System demonstrates exceptional stability and performance. As for maintenance and reliability, the platform provides high availability and multi-tenant deployment, system resource and health monitoring dashboards, and automated maintenance tasks.

More than user activity monitoring solution

More than user activity monitoring solution

Besides tracking user activity, Ekran System provides enhanced incident alerting and response functionality. But that’s not all. Using Ekran System Client, you can set up access and identity management.

Low total cost of ownership

Low total cost of ownership

The unique licensing offered by Ekran System enables cost-effective deployments of any size, from small pilots to enterprise projects. Floating endpoint licensing enables license reassignment in a couple of clicks. For virtual environments, this process is automated.

The most complete set of supported platforms

More on supported platforms

Ekran System® integrations

Ekran System user activity monitoring software integrates with your existing infrastructure, including leading SIEM and ticketing systems.

What Our Clients All Over The World Say





What is user activity monitoring?

User activity monitoring software allows you to track user activity within your corporate network, across devices, and throughout your entire IT infrastructure. With user activity tracking tools, you can identify which applications, sites, and data users access and how they interact with them.


With a user activity monitoring solution, you can strengthen your current cybersecurity, protect confidential data from malicious users, and enhance insider risk management.

Why do I need to monitor user activity in my organization?

The goal of implementing a user activity tracking application is to prevent insider threats. Using activity tracking software, you can identify suspicious activity and reduce the risk of a cybersecurity incident. You can also use such software to track employees’ active and idle time to monitor employee performance.


Main reasons to monitor user activities:


1. Secure sensitive information

2. Reduce the risk of insider threats

3. Ensure that users stick to cybersecurity policies

4. Increase employee productivity

5. Comply with applicable cybersecurity standards, laws, and regulations

Is user activity monitoring legal?

Yes. Digital user monitoring is legal, but it’s regulated by legislation.


To know how to monitor user activity legally, you should check with applicable laws within your jurisdiction. Typically, legislation requires businesses to inform users of monitoring and receive their consent.


If your organization operates in the US, you should pay attention to both federal and state laws, as state laws can have their own requirements. For example, businesses that operate in Connecticut and Delaware don’t have to notify employees about email or internet monitoring. Meanwhile, employers in Colorado and Tennessee must create written email monitoring policies.

How does Ekran System monitor user activity?

Ekran System is a powerful insider threat management platform that ensures comprehensive user activity monitoring.


In particular, Ekran System monitors user activities in real time and makes video and audio recordings of user sessions so you can watch them later if needed. All records are searchable. Thus, you can find out whether a user has accessed certain data, launched specific applications, or visited particular websites during working hours.


Also, Ekran System continues monitoring user activity even if the internet connection goes down.

Does Ekran System interrupt employees’ work?

No. Ekran System does not influence the user experience. It monitors user activity smoothly without disturbing users.


However, Ekran may interrupt a user’s work if the user acts suspiciously. According to customizable rules, users can receive notifications explaining that a particular action violates cybersecurity policies. Also, your security admins can automatically or manually block suspicious sessions, users, and actions as needed.

How does Ekran System store collected data?

When monitoring user activity on an organization’s network, Ekran System gathers the necessary data and stores it securely using military-grade encryption. Ekran System doesn’t store passwords entered by monitored users.

What do I get from deploying Ekran System?

Ekran System offers more than just monitoring. Using this platform, you can:


1. Know who accesses your sensitive data and how they handle it by arranging robust real-time user monitoring

2. Prevent data leaks and breaches caused by insiders by detecting suspicious activity and instantly responding to it

3. Enhance your cybersecurity by automatically sending notifications when users violate cybersecurity policies

4. Evaluate employee efficiency by analyzing productivity reports

5. Ensure compliance with various standards, laws, and regulations including GDPR, NIST, FISMA, HIPAA, and SWIFT


As a robust insider threat management platform, Ekran System can easily be adjusted to the specific needs of your organization.


For example, you can receive automatic custom reports on a convenient schedule. Also, in case an incident occurs, you can quickly export a full monitored session or a fragment of a session into an independent file.

How can I deploy Ekran System?

Ekran System is software that supports various deployment options. You can install Ekran System Client on each endpoint or install just one Ekran System Terminal Server Client on a jump server to ensure user activity monitoring of all sessions that come through your server.


Installation is easy and takes less than an hour. If you have any questions or doubts during the process, our 24/7 customer support team will be there for you.

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