User Activity Monitoring


Ekran System is a user activity monitoring solution. It performs user session recording capturing all user on-screen activity in a video format as well as accompanying meta-data like active application name, active window title, visited URLs, typed keystrokes, and typed commands.


Ekran System performs user activity monitoring on servers and workstations with local, RDP, and terminal session recording for Windows and Citrix platforms as well as Telnet SSH session recording for Linux servers.




Unlike focused software to track user activity (i.e. solutions to record terminal server sessions only or PC activity monitoring tools), Ekran System is a universal solution providing you with detailed user activity audit logs for any end-point in your corporate network via a single Web-based console. Thus you record RDP sessions and local user activity on end-points, perform terminal server user monitoring and Telnet SSH session monitoring using a single tool enabling cross-analytic options.


When you choose Ekran System computer monitoring software, you receive:


  • Universal and network protocol agnostic monitoring
  • Simple and integrated video format
  • Multifactor search and corresponding reports
  • Incident response tools
  • Affordable floating licensing





When to use Ekran System


Ekran System is a universal user activity control software and can assist with multiple business tasks from staff PC monitoring to sensitive data access control:


  • Monitor employee computer activity
  • Record user activity on critical servers
  • Control privileged user activity
  • Audit third-party IT service providers accessing your infrastructure
  • Track work with critical data and applications


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Advanced video format


Solutions are based on the principles of passive computer activity monitoring with advanced indexed video format at its core.


Video recording is an efficient tool to log and monitor user activity as it is all-inclusive and integrated, thus allowing for quick comprehension, reconstruction, and the tools to respond to a security incident.


Real-time Monitoring Tool


Ekran System allows you to perform the monitoring of user activity in real time, and if a user session is still running you can connect to it and monitor a live user screen. Besides recordings and alert functionality, Ekran System live sessions provide tools for a proper incident response. If dangerous activity is detected you can manually block the user.


Record filtering


Software to monitor user activity will log thousands of user actions over a typical day. Solutions for monitoring computer activity of a number of users should provide some tools to make logging more focused.

Ekran System gives you several recording filtering options. You may record a selected number of key applications or optionally set up a list of private/non-critical applications or URLs you do not wish to monitor.


Client Protection


Ekran System Client and its data are protected from unauthorized intrusions of users with any privileges. By enabling the Protected Mode, you prevent Client uninstallation, process interruption, solution component editing and other monitoring blocking actions.

Offline Monitoring Option


If the network connection on the Client computer breaks for an undisclosed time, Ekran System Client will continue to work gathering monitored data in the offline mode to then send it to the server once the connection resumes.