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GDPR Compliance Solutions

Monitor data processing activities. Protect access to personal data. Respond to policy violations.

Implementing security measures like encryption, access controls, and security policies is necessary to protect your data. Yet, finding the right GDPR compliance software might not be easy.

The GDPR obligates data collectors to ensure secure and responsible data processing. User activity monitoring can help you with this.

Swiftly identifying threats and quickly containing them to prevent damage is challenging but necessary, so the solution of your choice should assist you with that.

For regular and productive risk assessments, you might need to seek expert help and use auxiliary tools. GDPR compliance software with user activity auditing and reporting capabilities can help you meet this challenge.

GDPR compliance requirements you can meet with Ekran System

Deploying specialized GDPR compliance software is an excellent way to fulfill GDPR requirements. However, it’s essential to know which requirements a particular product covers. To help you understand how Ekran System meets compliance needs, we’ve compiled a list of GDPR provisions our platform can help you cover:

“Principles relating to processing of personal data”

Defines the conditions for collecting, storing, and processing personal data; obliges data controllers to be responsible for and able to prove compliance with all principles.

“Notification of a personal data breach to the supervisory authority”

Obligates data controllers to notify the supervisory authority of a personal data breach within 72 hours of its detection and provide details on the incident.

“Responsibility of the controller”

Calls on data controllers to implement, review, and update appropriate technical and organizational measures for GDPR-compliant data processing.

“Data protection impact assessment”

Explains the nature of a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) and defines how and when one should be performed.

“Security of processing”

Requires data controllers and processors to make sure that data processing is secure and performed under the controllers’ instructions.

“Tasks of the data protection officer”

Defines the responsibilities of a DPO, including monitoring GDPR compliance and advising the data controller, data processor, and employees.

Ekran System – your solution for GDPR compliance

Ekran System provides a complete tamper-proof audit trail of everything that happens during each user session, allowing you to instantly detect and mitigate insider threats.

Download White Paper

To see how Ekran System’s functionality aligns with specific GDPR requirements, download our detailed white paper.

Download White Paper

Using insider risk management software for GDPR compliance

Ekran System is a full-cycle insider risk management platform that effectively deters, detects, and disrupts insider threats. Thanks to its extensive functionality, Ekran System can help you meet the cybersecurity compliance requirements mentioned above. Here’s how:


Ekran System tracks user activity across various endpoints and detects suspicious behavior that might indicate a security incident, such as unauthorized access attempts or data exfiltration efforts. Ekran System’s rule-based system of user activity alerts allows you to configure automatic system responses, such as blocking any users who try to download or upload sensitive data. Additionally, user session recordings provide detailed logs and screen captures of actions taken, which can be crucial for forensic analysis and understanding the scope of a data breach.

The GDPR applies to organizations that collect or process the personal data of residents in the European Union (EU), regardless of the location of those organizations. Any company established in the EU also has to meet GDPR requirements, even if the company’s operations are elsewhere. There are some size thresholds to consider, however: organizations with fewer than 250 employees processing personal data solely for internal purposes are generally exempt unless data processing poses a high risk to individuals.

It’s worth mentioning that the GDPR is a complex regulation with many nuances. We’ve outlined 7 key requirements based on the main principles of the regulation. According to the GDPR, organizations that collect or process data on EU residents must:

  1. Have valid reasons for data processing and obtain consent from data subjects (individuals whose data is processed).
  2. Have specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes for personal data collection and processing.
  3. Collect adequate and relevant data, limited to what’s necessary for the purposes of data processing.
  4. Ensure that collected data is accurate and updated.
  5. Store data only for the period necessary for the purposes of data processing.
  6.  Protect data from unauthorized and unlawful processing, accidental loss, damage, and destruction.
  7.  Be responsible for and be able to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR principles.

To meet cybersecurity requirements and protect personal data, organizations should implement specialized GDPR compliance management software as part of their organizational measures. Ekran System is not a dedicated GDPR compliance platform but allows you to cover a list of important regulation requirements, which are detailed in our white paper.

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