Ekran System® is

licensed by a number of Ekran

Clients – endpoints to be monitored.

This transparent model with floating licensing makes our

deployments the most affordable on the market.

Each Ekran System® deployment consists of the Ekran System Management Panel (one per deployment) and Ekran System Clients (corresponding to the number of monitored endpoints).


Each monitored endpoint needs an Ekran System Client license of the corresponding type. Endpoint licenses can be easily re-assigned between machines in a couple of clicks. The Management Panel is provided for free in the Standard Edition but needs an additional license in the Enterprise Edition.


As compared to the Standard Edition, the Enterprise Edition provides more management features targeted at bigger deployments. Please find details below.



The Ekran System Management Panel is available in two editions


Standard Edition

Enterprise Edition

Management Panel licensing

Free; no license needed

License needed*

Session recording and viewing functionality

50 concurrent sessions


Audio recording functionality



Incident response functionality



Behavior analytics & anomaly detection (UEBA)



Alerting functionality



Enhanced auditing & reporting functionality



Password management**



Access management


  • Secondary authentication to identify users of shared accounts
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Request access
  • Require comment


  • Secondary authentication to identify users of shared accounts
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Time-based user access restrictions
  • Request access
  • Require comment
  • Request access to USB mass storage and mobile devices
  • One-time passwords (OTP)
  • Ticketing system integration (SysAid, ServiceNow, API Bridge)

SIEM Integration





  • Standard
  • High availability
  • Multi-tenant

Solution maintenance

Database cleanup

  • Database cleanup
  • Database archiving
  • System Health Monitoring

See comprehensive feature list


*The Enterprise Edition can be ordered from our Sales Team or our partners. Please contact us for pricing details.


**Password Management is available for Ekran System Terminal Server Clients installed on Windows-based jump servers under the Enterprise Edition of Ekran System Management Server.


Ekran System Clients for different endpoint types


Ekran System provides monitoring licenses for desktops and servers. While there is a single license type for desktop machines (Workstation Client license), several types of server monitoring licenses are provided depending on the server endpoint role in your corporate network.


This licensing option diversity allows you to build a deployment scheme that maximally fits your infrastructure. See details below.


  Supported OS Configuration Max # of sessions*
Workstation Client license Windows desktop OS, X Window System, MacOS desktop, including deployed in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services 1
Infrastructure Server Client license Windows Server, Linux, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX 2
Terminal Server Client license Windows Server with Terminal Services,
Citrix Server,
Published App Server,
Jump Server,
including deployed in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services

*The maximum number of simultaneously recorded concurrent sessions on the licensed endpoint. If the actual number of concurrent sessions exceeds this value at any moment, newly initiated sessions will not be recorded. At the same time all access management tools continue working for an unlimited number of sessions.



When purchasing, you can choose the Edition for your Management Panel and any number of Client licenses of the required types. You receive the generated serial keys, which you then have to activate. After activation, you can assign the Client licenses, included in the serial key, to Ekran Clients.


Ekran System Management Tool provides a simple interface to assign, remove, and transfer licenses between endpoints in your IT infrastructure in just a couple of clicks. For Client license provisioning in the virtual environments, please see details here.


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Licensing models


Subscription license: A subscription license lasts for one year. After this time, to continue using Ekran System, you need to extend your subscription period by purchasing a new license.


You can activate the serial key automatically via the Internet (it requires that the computer with Ekran Server installed has Internet access), or manually (if the computer with Ekran Server does not have an Internet connection). To activate serial keys manually please refer to the Offline Activation page.