Ekran System is

licensed by a number of Ekran

Clients – end-points to be monitored.

This transparent model with floating licensing makes Ekran System

deployments the most affordable on the market.

Each Ekran System deployment consists of Ekran System Management Panel (one per deployment) and Ekran System Clients (corresponding to the number of monitored endpoints).


Within the Standard Edition, you need licenses only for your end-points, and you can easily re-assign them between machines in a couple of clicks. Enterprise Edition provides more management features targeted at bigger deployments and requires additional license for Management Panel. Please find details below.



Ekran System Management Panel is available in two editions:


Standard Edition

Enterprise Edition

Management Panel Licensing

Free, no license needed

License needed*

Session recording and viewing functionality



Incident response functionality



Alerting functionality



Reporting functionality



Access control

  • Secondary authentication for shared logins
  • 2-factor authentication

  • Secondary authentication for shared logins
  • 2-factor authentication
  • One-time passwords

Integration with SIEM systems


Advanced (ArcSight, Splunk)

Integration with ticketing systems


Advanced (SysAid)



Standard or High availability

Database management

Managed database cleanup

Managed database archiving and cleanup


*Contact us for pricing details.



For Ekran System Clients, two types of end-point licenses are available:
Workstation license

Workstation license:

Clients with this license monitor only one session, either remote or local, on the investigated Windows/Citrix desktop. Licenses of the workstation type cannot be assigned to a computer with Server OS.

Server license


Server license:

Clients with this license monitor unlimited number of sessions on the investigated server. There are Windows server licenses (terminal and local sessions) and Linux server licenses (Telnet sessions).

When purchasing you can choose the Edition for your Management Panel and any number of Client licenses (according to the required type). You receive a generated serial key which you then have to activate. After activation, you can assign the Client licenses, included in the serial key, to Ekran Clients.


Ekran System Management Tool provides simple interface to assign, remove, and transfer licenses between end-points in your IT infrastructure in just a couple of clicks. For Client license provisioning in the virtual environments, see details here.


Subscription for updates and support


Any license already includes 12 months of updates and support. To continue using these services after the first year, please get in touch with your Ekran System representative or contact us directly.


You can activate the serial key automatically via Internet (it requires that the computer with Ekran Server installed has Internet access), or manually (if the computer with Ekran Server does not have Internet connection). To activate serial keys manually please refer to the Offline Activation page.