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Case Study

Government: Security Monitoring of Access to Court Records


Public sector




The Constitution is the highest law in Korea, which sets the direction for its values and order, defines the governing organization and its principles, and guarantees each person’s basic rights. The Constitutional Court of Korea is an independent and specialized court in South Korea, whose primary role is the reviewing of constitutionality under the Constitution of the Republic of Korea.

Customer’s requests

  • Monitor user actions with sensitive data
  • Secure access to critical court records
  • Respond to security incidents

The challenge

Modern technology has increased public access to court records remotely via the internet, which makes providing open access to court records to the public and the legal community much more efficient.

However, along with the ease of access comes an increase of the risk that information contained in court records will be used for malicious purposes, for example identity theft.

Thus, the Constitutional Court of Korea faced the problem of how to balance between ever-increasing access to court records due to technological innovations and privacy and security concerns.

The Constitutional Court of Korea needed a security system to monitor all user activities related to sensitive data usage and remote access to court records. The choice fell on Ekran System.

The result

Ekran System provided the Constitutional Court with complex tools to control cyber security in the company and improve sensitive data protection by means of advanced video recording. Each screen captured from the target machine is accompanied with the detailed transcription of the event, so they can easily detect who and when accessed court records.

In addition, Ekran System provided Constitutional Court with ability to enable quick incident response to potentially malicious events. Ekran System uses complex rule-based analysis system to identify suspicious user activity and sends policy-driven alert notifications in real time. Thus, security department of Constitutional Court will be notified about any unauthorized attempts to access sensitive data or court records.

Deploying Ekran System allowed our customer to:

  • Oversee and record user activity with sensitive court records using advanced monitoring and video recording capabilities
  • Get notified about any unauthorized attempts to access sensitive data
  • Detect suspicious user activity and get policy-driven alert notifications in real time

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