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Case Study

Dendro Poland Enhances Third-party Monitoring with Ekran System






Dendro Poland is a chemical and furniture manufacturing company, and one of the largest and most modern factories producing foam mattresses in Europe. It is a dynamically developing company, whose main client is IKEA.

Customer’s requests

  • Implement privileged access management for third-party vendors
  • Track third-party user actions with sensitive data
  • Audit the changes made by third-party users
  • Prevent insider threats from third-party users

Ekran System product completely meets our requirements. Its maintenance is intuitive, and configuration is easy and painless.

Maciej Galiński

Senior Application Specialist – IT Department, Dendro Poland

The challenge

Hiring third-party contractors became an essential part of Dendro Poland’s business strategy. While working with remote vendors, a major security issue arises. As independent contractors share the privilege of accessing Dendro Poland’s network with regular employees, how to protect corporate servers from unauthorized changes? 

Dendro Poland has received audit’s recommendations for monitoring the work of third-party providers on the corporate servers.

The result

Deploying Ekran System allowed our client to address each of their key requests and achieve the following results:

  • An automated and convenient way to manage third-party access rights and privileges
  • Implementation of the principle of least privilege to reduce the attack surface 
  • A full overview of the third-party providers’ activities on each corporate server
  • A detailed audit trail allowing to review recorded user sessions
  • Detecting and responding to malicious third-party activity in real time

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