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Case Study

European Bank Ensures Compliance and Combats Insider Threats





Must comply with

GDPR, PCI DSS, PSD2, European Central Bank recommendations


Our customer is a large financial  organization that works in several European countries. They rely on complex IT infrastructure to deliver their services and rely on a server monitoring system to ensure data security.

Customer’s requests

  • Ensure secure data processing on terminal servers
  • Stay compliant with industry IT requirements
  • Rapidly audit compliance
  • Prevent insider threats

The challenge

As our customer’s organization grew, they found it increasingly challenging to monitor their infrastructure and protect sensitive data with their existing software.

That’s why they started looking for a more scalable and easier to use cybersecurity solution that would help them perform the following tasks:

Ensure the security of sensitive data. The customer stores sensitive financial data on several terminal servers and needs to know that all employees handle that data securely.

Comply with IT requirements and corporate policies. The financial industry is highly regulated by various laws, standards, and requirements (including the GDPR and PCI DSS) that compel financial organizations to protect sensitive data, monitor user activity, manage access, etc. Non-compliance with any of them can lead to massive fines and reputational losses. That’s why it was extremely important for our customer to maintain a high level of data security.

Conduct rapid audits. Complex IT infrastructure and a growing amount of sensitive data made it challenging for our customer to conduct internal audits and assess compliance. Audits started taking too much time and effort from security officers.

Detect and stop insider threats. Banking institutions store sensitive financial data that may attract malicious insiders and create additional security risks. Our customer had faced insider threats in the past and was well aware of the damage they can inflict. That’s why they were looking for a solution that would allow them to detect and stop malicious insider activity in a timely manner.

To choose the software that would cover these needs in the best possible way, our customer-to-be tested several monitoring solutions. After half a year of evaluation, they chose Ekran System.

During the pandemic, the customer needed to switch lots of employees to remote work while maintaining the required level of data protection. They discovered that they could ensure secure data access and processing for remote workers with Ekran System.

The result

In the first months after deployment, our customer found that the Ekran System platform fully fit their key requirements and was easy to use and maintain. After the deployment, they were able  to:

  • Get insights into user activity on terminal servers
  • Ensure fast and efficient internal audits
  • Maintain cybersecurity compliance
  • Detect and stop malicious insider activity in real time

See how Ekran System enabled the customer’s success

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