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Case Study

A European Bank Mitigates Third-Party Admin Risks with Ekran System





Must comply with



Pending issue

Secure third-party admin access to databases and monitor admin activity with sensitive data.

The customer

European Bank


Customer’s requests

  • Limit access of third-party administrators to the bank’s IT infrastructure
  • Monitor administrators’ actions with sensitive assets
  • Mitigate data security risks by responding to suspicious activity
  • Conduct audits to analyze third-party activity

With Ekran System’s support team being available 24/7, deployment of and further work with the platform went smoothly and without any complications.”

The challenge

A European bank needed third-party service providers to administer some of their databases. As a large organization operating in the global market, the bank wanted to protect sensitive financial data, end customers’ personal information, and other critical IT assets from unauthorized access.

The bank’s security department decided to implement an advanced security system for administrator access control. Additionally, they needed all user sessions of third-party providers to be monitored for security compliance and logged to enable post-audit activities.

Bank representatives considered several possible solutions and decided to go with Ekran System. To reduce the attack surface, Ekran System’s team suggested solving the customer’s problem by installing a bastion host running the Ekran System Client application.

The result

Deploying Ekran System enabled our customer to:

  • Reduce the attack surface due to strict access limitations
  • Differentiate activity of third-party administrators using shared accounts
  • Get a complete live view of what third parties do in the bank’s IT infrastructure
  • Receive real-time notifications about cybersecurity events and specified admin actions
  • Automatically block the activity of suspicious users, processes, and applications
  • Get detailed, immutable evidence for internal security audits and forensic investigations

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