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Case Study

European Healthcare Provider AGEL Protects Sensitive Data from Insider Threats Using Ekran System





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AGEL Group is a leading healthcare provider in Central Europe with representation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the Czech Republic alone, AGEL operates 12 hospitals along with a network of polyclinics, pharmacies, laboratories, distribution companies, and other specialized medical facilities.

AGEL works with sensitive healthcare data, so they have to protect it according to their corporate cybersecurity policies as well as local and industry requirements.

Customer’s requests

  • Establish reliable oversight of healthcare data
  • Audit administrators’ activity
  • Manage access of privileged users
  • Maintain a convenient multi-tenant infrastructure

The [Ekran System] solution from DATASYS helped us gain full control over the activities of privileged users of third-party employees on selected servers and terminals of the AGEL Group.

Jan Pavlík 

Cyber Security Manager, AGEL a.s.

The challenge

Since insider threats are one of the major dangers for health-related data security, AGEL needed to monitor user actions with health-related data and manage access to it. Particularly, they wanted to be able to pay close attention to privileged users: in-house administrators and third-party suppliers.

Additionally, AGEL has a complex infrastructure where a large number of IT administrators perform cross-system operations. Although each AGEL facility is partially independent in terms of IT administration, information security management for all facilities is covered by headquarters. That’s why AGEL needed a solution that could be deployed with zero changes to existing system management procedures.

After evaluating several options, the customer decided to go with Ekran System, provided by DATASYS, our representative in the Czech Republic.

The result

Our customer successfully enhanced the security of sensitive data with no changes in system management procedures. They implemented Ekran System directly on critical endpoints, where it allows them to:

  • See who does what with sensitive data
  • Respond to insider threats in real time
  • Know how privileged users handle sensitive data
  • Limit admin access to a particular facility
  • Manage server configurations separately for each facility
  • Gather and process monitoring data from all facilities in one place

See how Ekran System enabled the customer’s success

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