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Case Study

Ginegar Secures Third-Party Access and User Activity with Ekran System





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To support IT infrastructure for such a large-scale organization, Ginegar works with numerous subcontractors that have access to their servers with sensitive data. That’s why our customer was looking for software that allowed them to secure third-party access and investigate activity on their servers in a simple manner.

Customer’s requests

  • Automate third-party access management
  • Get insights into third-party activity
  • Enhance the ability to investigate vendor activities

We work with a variety of vendors that connect to our servers to perform various operations. Before installing Ekran System, handling access of these vendors required a lot of work from our IT staff, as it was necessary to provide each vendor their own access to make sure they only connected to the digital assets relevant to them. In addition, there are vendors that connect to the system during non-working hours, and we at IT didn’t know who logged in and when.

Roni Lutsky 

System Manager at Ginegar Plastic Products

The challenge

Manually managing third-party access to sensitive data and parts of the IT infrastructure took too much time and effort on the part of Ginegar’s IT administrators. Upon each connection, administrators had to decide whether to allow or deny access and specify which assets a third-party vendor could access.

And since some subcontractors access company servers outside of the Ginegar IT staff’s working hours, their activity was left undermanaged and poorly monitored. Insufficient logging made it challenging to determine who connected to servers and what they did.

After evaluating solutions to resolve these challenges, Ginegar decided to deploy Ekran System.

The result

Deploying Ekran System allowed our customer to:

  • Enable IT administrators to focus on important tasks
  • Gain complete awareness of who does what within the monitored infrastructure
  • Collect detailed tamper-proof evidence for analyzing user activity

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