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Case Study

Global B2B Consultancy Establishes Employee Monitoring and Meets Compliance With Ekran System






Global B2B Consultancy Inc. is a leading service provider delivering outsourced services to online gaming sites. Being one of Asia’s industry leaders, the company manages and develops bespoke e-commerce solutions for both new and existing operators – helping them excel in this highly competitive industry.

Customer’s requests

  • Ensure complete visibility into how users handle sensitive customer data
  • Enable continuous monitoring and effective audit of remote user activity
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches and compliance violations

In order to comply with regulations and corporate policy rules, we wanted to ensure uninterruptible privileged user audit, as well as provide local and remote employee activity monitoring. That’s why we have chosen Ekran System, easy-to-use and affordable solution, which met our expectations in full measure.

Kelvin Goh

Managing Partner at Global B2B Consultancy

The challenge

Just like any other service providers, Global B2B Consultancy must comply with industry regulations, as well as observe corporate policy rules.

Unfortunately, the company had no solution providing complete visibility of what employees are actually doing with sensitive customer data once they access it. This fact dramatically increased risk of data breaches and compliance violations.

The result

Deploying Ekran System helped our customer to:

  • Monitor and record user activity on all user screens, including terminals, local PCs, and virtual machines
  • Establish an efficient employee audit process
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory requirements

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