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Case Study

Healthcare Organization Ensures HIPAA Compliance and Efficient Remote Work with Ekran System





Must comply with



Pending issue

Monitor activity
of remote workers and ensure
HIPAA compliance

The customer

Healthcare Organization

Customer’s requests

  • Maintain HIPAA compliance 
  • Track remote employees’ productivity 
  • Simplify monitoring system maintenance

We have been using it [Ekran System] for almost a year now. I really enjoy being able to see from a web browser the entire state of the system and recording without going onto the server itself. We have seen alerts come across and are able to react quickly to verify what is going on.

Network Administration Manager 

Healthcare Organization

The challenge

As a healthcare company, our customer has to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). One of the most complicated parts of this task is to monitor what employees are doing and check how they handle information protected by HIPAA. 

But ensuring HIPAA compliance wasn’t our customer’s only challenge. With COVID-19 quarantine measures, our customer was also looking for a way to track employees’ productivity and make sure it didn’t suffer on account of remote work. 

It was also important for our customer that the monitoring solution they deployed was easy to use. The software they previously used could only be accessed from the server and required an operating system reboot with each update. 

After considering a few alternatives, our customer tried out the demo version of Ekran System. They were pleased with how it worked and decided to deploy Ekran System in their company.

The result

Implementing Ekran System helped our customer achieve:

  • Full visibility into employee activity
  • Fast detection of and response to violations of cybersecurity policies
  • Get a complete live view of what third parties do in the bank’s IT infrastructure
  • The ability to analyze employees’ performance
  • Fast platform deployment
  • Quick search for a specific device or user
  • Software updates without workflow disruptions

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