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Case Study

An HVAC Service Provider Secures Data and Maintains Employee Productivity after Switching to Remote Work






Pending issue

Ensuring visibility into the work of remote employees and their interaction with sensitive data

The customer

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) service provider


Customer’s requests

  • Collect data on employees’ productivity
  • Enhance the security of access to corporate data and systems
  • Manage employees’ interactions with sensitive data
  • Swiftly establish efficient and secure remote work

The challenge

Our customer was used to working with traditional offices and in-house employees. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, they had little to no experience working with telecommuters. But when the pandemic struck, they had to quickly switch to an out-of-office work format.

Our customer first tried to ensure their network and data security themselves. They created a remote access policy with new cybersecurity rules for employees. Access to sensitive data was only available through a jump server and a custom VPN.

These measures provided only basic data protections, however. A custom VPN offers protection from external but not internal threats. It also couldn’t help the company assess employees’ productivity and get a full picture of how users interact with sensitive data.

The need to monitor the work of remote employees made our customer search for an efficient and intuitive tool that could be rapidly deployed, was easy to manage, and addressed all of their challenges. Our customer decided on Ekran System after comparing several monitoring solutions and verifying that our platform met all of their requirements.

The result

Ekran System has enabled our customer to:

  • Track data on employees’ productivity for further assessment
  • Provide only authorized users with access to critical data
  • Instantly detect suspicious login attempts and immediately address them
  • Reveal all employee actions with critical data
  • Effectively mitigate and prevent insider threats
  • Educate employees on safe cybersecurity policies
  • Seamlessly integrate an insider threat management platform into existing workflows

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