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Case Study

Energy Industry: Subcontractors Monitoring at KEPCO KDN






KEPCO KDN is the largest Power IT corporation in Korea. Established in 1992 with a 100% investment from the Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), KDN is an electric power grid IT service provider.

Their major business areas are building, maintaining, and repairing IT systems in the electric power industry, including the stages of generation, transmission, distribution, and sales.

Customer’s requests

  • Monitor the activity of subcontractors on the company’s servers
  • Record user actions with sensitive assets
  • Control access privileges for remote vendors
  • Prevent insider threats

The challenge

Being a large company with more than 1200 employees, KDN provides country-wide sales of numerous services and products. To save time and efforts, the company used to outsource management of some of their platforms to external subcontractors. For this purpose, remote vendors need privileged access to several corporate servers. As ensuring security of subcontractor work requires additional attention, a question of searching for suitable security monitoring solution was raised.

The result

KDN has chosen Ekran System as a subcontractor monitoring solution due to its advanced features, ease in use, and affordability. They have deployed Ekran System Clients on each server, which subcontractors had access to. Deploying Ekran System allowed our customer to:

  • Get visibility into subcontractor activity on the company’s servers
  • Create a detailed audit trail allowing to review recorded user actions
  • Manage remote user access privileges in a convenient and automated way
  • Detect and respond to malicious insider activity in real time

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