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Case Study

Maman Group Enhances Visibility into Activity of Employees, Vendors, and Subcontractors with Ekran System






The Maman Group is an organization based in Israel that excels in logistics and aviation services. They provide comprehensive solutions to businesses and airlines. From cargo management and ground-handling services to supply chain management and third-party logistics. Company stands as a leader in their respective fields, delivering excellence and efficiency in every aspect of their operations. The Maman Group has made the decision to enhance and fortify their data security posture.

The challenge

Maman Group, a logistics company providing cargo management and ground handling services for airlines, decided to strengthen their data security posture. To accomplish this goal, they defined several objectives.

  • Gain transparency into what employees, vendors, subcontractors, and business partners do in the organization’s network
  • Establish absolute control over users’ access to assets
  • Accelerate suspicious activity detection and incident investigation for their logistics company

To reach these objectives, they decided to deploy a dedicated solution. After examining several market offerings, Maman Group decided to go with Ekran System.

In addition to Ekran System, we’ve examined other system solutions, but after comparing the different systems’ features and capabilities, the conclusion was very clear that Ekran System provides the most diverse and extensive platform and set of capabilities.

Yoav Geffen

Chief Information Security Officer at Maman Group

The result

With the help of Ekran System’s powerful features, Maman Group managed to:

  • Ensure transparency into user activity within their infrastructure
  • Prevent unauthorized access to the organization’s critical assets
  • Reduce the risks of incidents related to excessive permissions and privilege abuse
  • Speed up the detection of suspicious behavior and response to incidents 
  • Make the investigation of security incidents more efficient

We definitely achieved the goal we set out for ourselves. The Ekran System gave us all the capabilities we wished for, and so much more. It contributed a great deal and maximized Maman Group’s data security.

Yoav Geffen

Chief Information Security Officer at Maman Group

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