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Case Study

OTP Bank Analyzes User Behavior with Ekran System






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Monitoring and analyzing user activity and productivity of work processes

The customer

OTP Bank

Customer’s requests

  • Overseeing the activity of privileged users within the network
  • Protecting sensitive financial information and IT systems
  • Performing effective resource management
  • Reducing the risk of cyber attacks

The challenge

OTP Bank is one of the top ten biggest banks offering services in Ukraine. As they are dealing with a substantial number of clients, securing their sensitive financial data is an integral part of the banking strategy. OTP Bank has over 40,000 workers, so they were also in search of a cybersecurity solution for behavioral analytics in banking to oversee the activity of privileged users within their network and ensure productivity during work processes.

Their main challenges were:

  • Improving data and information system security
  • Mitigating risks associated with data breaches and unauthorized access
  • Enhancing user activity monitoring and analysis for effective resource management

OTP Bank’s chosen software solution would need to meet their key criteria:

  • User activity monitoring functionality
  • Analytic tools for effective productivity and resource management
  • Smooth integration with existing IT solutions and uninterrupted operation
  • Ability to handle large data volumes from numerous endpoints while maintaining peak performance

After analyzing and comparing the solutions providing features for user behavior analytics in banking, OTP Bank decided to go with Ekran System.

Ekran System offers features that best align with our needs and challenges. It easily integrates with our existing systems and ensures uninterrupted operation. Ekran System’s data archiving and data recovery are also beneficial. Additionally, it has Ukrainian localization, for which we are particularly appreciative.

Chief Information Security Officer

OTP Bank

The result

Ekran System enabled our customer to perform behavior analysis in the banking industry. Within almost three years of using the Ekran System platform for user behavior analytics, OTP Bank achieved the following results:

  • Attained the desired level of data protection with no impact on their employees’ work duties, even while at peak performance
  • Transparency of privileged user activity on the bank’s large IT infrastructure
  • Improved productivity of work processes and resource management leading to higher profitability
  • Ability to identify and mitigate security risks
  • Collection, storage, archiving, and recovery of monitoring data for security audits and incident investigation

Moreover, our customer noted Ekran System’s intuitive user interface, ease of configuration, and our technical support team’s timely assistance and willingness to help.

In summary, Ekran System has met our expectations in the realms of security, compliance, and analytics, and we consider it a valuable asset for our company.

Chief Information Security Officer

OTP Bank

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behavioral analytics in banking case study

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