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Case Study

PECB Inc. Deploys Ekran System to Manage Insider Threats


Cybersecurity certification




PECB Group Inc. is Canada-based certification body that operates globally. They offer a wide range of educational, examination, and certification services under the ISO/IEC 17024 standard.

PECB continuously handles extensive volumes of their clients’ personal data and therefore needs to protect that data against various cybersecurity threats. As an international organization, they also need to stay compliant with international data and information security requirements.

In 2017, PECB deployed Ekran System as their main employee activity monitoring tool, and our partnership continues today.

Customer’s requests

  • Monitor how employees handle critical data
  • Detect and respond to potential insider threats
  • Gather data for audits and investigations
  • Adjust the monitoring tool to their needs

We have a business where technology plays an important part. A global base of customers comes with a challenging set of requirements. Our digital ecosystem mostly consists of software developed in-house, and the software that we do not develop ourselves has to go through a strict and rigorous review process before deployment. It was fairly easy to find and understand what Ekran has to offer back when we were planning to implement a monitoring system. We came across Ekran at the right time as a solution with the right price and features.

Egzon Sinanaj 

The Director of Support and Security at PECB

The challenge

PECB provides their services to individuals representing organizations in both the public and private sectors. PECB employees regularly access and process client information, including data in regulated categories. The company needed to be able to protect this data and their infrastructure in general.

Data security was our customer’s top priority: PECB wanted to see who accessed their confidential information, when, and why.

Next came the need to mitigate potential insider threats while they’re still manageable. This required configuring custom alerts for different kinds of risky actions and events as well as forming detailed evidence trails for further investigations.

The result

Deploying Ekran System allowed PECB to achieve all their initial goals and more. In particular, they reported the following benefits:

  • Full visibility of employee activity within their environment
  • The ability to detect and mitigate potential insider threats before they materialize
  • The ability to easily discover the real cause behind a particular incident
  • Smooth integration of Ekran System with their current infrastructure and workflows

Our customer also shared that using Ekran System increased overall cybersecurity awareness among their employees.

Finally, having a functional monitoring tool in place allowed PECB to establish proper control of the way they store and process regulated data — which is the key to achieving GDPR compliance.

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